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Caren Miosga (2013)

Caren Miosga (born April 11, 1969 in Peine) is a German journalist and television presenter.

Early life and education[edit]

Caren Miosga grew up in Groß Ilsede Lower Saxony and attended the local grammar school. She studied history and Slavic studies in Hamburg.

Miosga is fluent in Russian as she worked as a tour guide in Saint Petersburg and Moscow during her studies.[1]


After completing her studies, Miosga worked for the radio station Radio Schleswig-Holstein, Radio Hamburg, N-Joy and the television channel RTL Television - North. In 1999, she went to NDR Fernsehen and presented there the Kulturjournal. From May 2006, she hosted the ARD - culture magazine ttt Titel, Thesen, Temperamente.

The following year Miosga succeeded Anne Will[2] and became the new presenter of the Tagesthemen, appearing in rotation with successive co-presenters Tom Buhrow (2006-2013), Thomas Roth (2013-2016), and Ingo Zamperoni (2013-2014 and since 2016)..

In 2017, Miosga representing the Tagesthemen editorial staff was awarded a Goldene Kamera in the category "Best Information".[3]

Personal life[edit]

Miosga is married to a physician and has two children.[4][5] The family of her Father originates from Upper Silesia and has Russian roots.

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