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Carlos Cuevas
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Carlos Cuevas Sisó

(1995-12-27) 27 December 1995 (age 23)
Known forVentdelplà

Carlos Cuevas Sisó (born 27 December 1995) is a Spanish television, film, and theater actor, known for his roles as Biel Delmàs in the TV series Ventdelplà and as Pol Rubio in the TV series Merlí.

Early life[edit]

Carlos Cuevas Sisó was born on 27 December 1995 in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona) in Catalonia, Spain.[1][not in citation given] He started acting in commercials when he was 5 years old. In 2002, he made his debut in the film La mujer de hielo, directed by Lídia Zimmerman and starring Natasha Yarovenko and Marc Cartes [es; ca]. Since 2004, he has worked as a dubbing actor for television and radio advertising campaigns, as well as for films. He began in the television world in an episode of Trilita, a TV3 series created by Tricicle.[1]

In 2005, at the age of 9, he became known to the Catalan public thanks to his role as Biel Delmàs in the series Ventdelplà from TV3, where he appeared until the series ended in 2010.[2]

Professional career[edit]

In 2009, he made his first foray into film, playing Dani in the film Cruzando el límite [es], by Xavi Giménez [es] and produced by Filmax.[3][4] In 2011, he went to the stage in Teatre Borràs [es; ca] to star alongside Clara Segura [es; ca] and Montse Vellvehí in the play Madame Melville by Richard Nelson, directed by Àngel Llàcer.[5] In 2012, he was in the cast of the first season of Antena 3's mystery series Luna, el misterio de Calenda [es], where he played Tomás, with actors including Olivia Molina and Álvaro Cervantes.[6] At the end of that year, he returned to the stage, at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya to star alongside Albert Espinosa, Joan Carreras i Goicoechea, and many others, in the play Els nostres tigres beuen llet. Espinosa says he has created a fictitious family with the good and the best of Catalan theater.[7]

From 8 May to 22 June 2013, he worked again with Emma Vilarasau, Míriam Iscla, Anna Moliner, Jordi Banacolocha, Pep Planas, Pepa López, and Joan Carreras, performing in the play Barcelona, directed by Pere Riera, which deals with the Spanish Civil War, centering on the day that Barcelona was bombed by Francoist troops.[8] In 2015, he appeared in the film It's Now or Never, directed by María Ripoll and starring Dani Rovira and María Valverde.[9] Also that year he joined the cast of the TV3 series Merlí, where he played Pol Rubio. The series, due to its great acceptance among the Catalan public, was later dubbed to Spanish for a nationwide broadcast in laSexta.[1]

In 2016, he made a minor appearance in Televisión Española's series El Ministerio del Tiempo, where he played a fictional successful YouTuber.[10] In May 2016, he starred in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet at Espai La Seca in Barcelona, alongside Clàudia Benito, under the direction of Marc Chornet.[11] In September of that year he once again played Pol Rubio in the second season of Merlí.[12] In October 2016, he joined the cast of the eighteenth season of Televisión Española's series Cuéntame cómo pasó, where he plays Marcos.[13] With his partner in Merlí, Elisabet Casanovas [es], he was in charge of welcoming 2017 in TV3's New Year's Eve broadcast.[14]



Year Title Character Channel Notes
2003 Trilita TV3 1 episode
2005–2010 Ventdelplà Biel Delmàs TV3 Main character
2012 Luna, el misterio de Calenda Tomás Antena 3 Supporting character
2015–2017 Merlí Pol Rubio TV3 Main character
2016 Em dic Manel! TV3 Supporting character
2016 El Ministerio del Tiempo Javier Jiménez "Nexus 6" La 1 3 episodes
2016–2017 Campanadas Fin de Año Himself TV3 Co-host with Elisabet Casanovas
2017– Cuéntame cómo pasó Marcos García de Blas La 1 Supporting character
2017–2018 Campanadas Fin de Año Himself TV3 Co-host with Elisabet Casanovas
2019– 45 revoluciones Roberto Aguirre Antena 3 Main character
Upcoming Merlí: Sapere Aude Pol Rubio Movistar+ / TV3 Main character


Year Title Character Director
2002 La mujer de hielo Joan
2010 Cruzando el límite Dani Xavi Giménez
2014 Barcelona Tinet Àngel Biescas
2015 Ahora o nunca Dani María Ripoll
2019 Gente que viene y bah León Patricia Font


Year Title Character Director
2011 Madame Melville Àngel Llàcer
2012 Els nostres tigres beuen llet Rocco Albert Espinosa
2016 Romeo and Juliet Romeo Marc Chornet


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