Casey Mitchum

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Casey Mitchum
Sunset Beach character
Portrayed by Timothy Adams
Duration 1997–99
First appearance January 6, 1997
Last appearance December 31, 1999
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Gary Tomlin, Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent
Classification Former, regular
Occupation Lifeguard
Residence Sunset Beach, California

Casey Mitchum is a fictional character from the American soap opera, Sunset Beach, portrayed by American actor Timothy Adams during the show's entire run.

Character history[edit]

He's a lifeguard. He's a nice person. What more can a girl want in him? Casey Mitchum was always a nice person. Everyone in town knew him, and when Meg Cummings came to Sunset Beach, he welcomed her with open arms. His best friend was Michael Bourne, another lifeguard. At the very beginning of the show, Casey met Rae Chang, a young doctor who immediately took his breath away, but she didn't show the same interest in Casey. They both decided to buy a house and accidentally bought the same house. When Rae was forced to marry a young man named Wei-Li that her parents chose for her, Casey helped Rae by pretending to be her husband. This led to something of a mild rivalry between Casey and Wei-Li when he arrived in Sunset Beach to see Rae, but it never grew into anything serious as the two men actually liked each other. Their plot was eventually revealed, and Rae discovered she did have feelings for Wei-Li after all.

(About Rae and Casey) It was over before he got a chance to show his softer side. They were both so hard-headed, it was hard for him to act smooth and confident. And that's who I think Casey is.

— Timothy Adams[1]

Casey was heartbroken, but his life had to go on. Alex Mitchum, his mother, came to Sunset Beach with an illness, but she decided to hide it from her son, yet the truth was soon discovered. Casey spent the next few months taking care of her. Until the end of 1997, Casey spent time taking care of his friends, putting his love life away. He was also one of the survivors of the Terror Island storyline.

In 1998, Casey met Sara Cummings, Meg's sister, and they soon fell in love with each other. Casey helped Sara escape from her past, and she was happy to be rescued by such a handsome person. They both battled against Sara's ex-friend Melinda Fall. They became even closer. At the same time, Meg was having trouble with Ben, whose wife had just returned from the dead. Sara was afraid that Casey's friendship with Meg could turn into something more, so she worked with Tim Truman to break them up. Sara was very insecure, and eventually Casey found out about Sara's plot and broke up with Sara. Then Casey consoled Meg and they ended up in a short relationship, but their love was never more than on a friendly basis. Sara and Casey go together at the end of the series.


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