Derek Evans (Sunset Beach)

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Derek Evans
Clive Robertson as Derek Evans (1998)
Sunset Beach character
Portrayed by Clive Robertson
Duration 1997–99
First appearance December 30, 1997
Last appearance December 16, 1999
Created by Meg Bennett
Introduced by Gary Tomlin, Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent
Classification Former, regular
Residence Sunset Beach, California

Derek Evans was a fictional character on the American soap opera Sunset Beach portrayed by actor Clive Robertson, who also portrayed his identical twin brother Ben. Derek first appeared on December 30, 1997, when he was played by a stunt performer in a mask, being the killer on the boat. His first appearance with his face revealed was on January 16, 1998, when Clive Robertson stepped into the role. The character was killed off in June 1998, only to be brought back in September 1999, and killed again in December 1999.

Character history[edit]

Derek's first venture to Sunset Beach was in 1993 (off-screen), when he seduced his brother Ben's wife Maria Torres and staged her death. Just before New Year's Eve 1997, this time on-screen, murders started to happen on a mysterious island owned by Ben Evans. The murderer was Derek, who was a true psychopath trying to destroy his brother's life. Derek pretended to be Ben for months seducing Ben's current fiance Meg Cummings until it was revealed that Derek was holding Ben captive, and eventually Ben and Derek had a confrontation on the top of a cliff ending in Derek falling to his death. A mysterious woman named Tess Marin arrived in Sunset Beach in 1999 and revealed that Maria and Ben also have a son named Benji who Maria had abandoned during the time she had lost her memory and Tess adopted him. Maria and Meg grew suspicious of Tess and Ben decided to investigate by going to Seattle where Tess claims she came from.

Ben returned a few weeks later and soon confronted Tess about who she really is. Then in a plot twist he was revealed to be Ben's evil twin Derek back from the dead. Once again Derek had imprisoned Ben when he was on his way to Seattle and had been impersonating him. He and Tess were in fact lovers who are the real parents of Benji. Derek then seduced Maria and Meg simultaneously. One day he and Tess were caught kissing by Meg's ex fiance Tim Truman. Derek tried to stop Tim from revealing the truth and eventually strangled him to death after many attempts to kill him. He buried Tim in a cement mixer and his and Tess's secret was safe. Maria finally discovered Derek and Tess's secret and she too was imprisoned with Ben. Ben and Maria made their escape and pulled a gun on Derek. Ben and Derek struggled over the gun and Derek was killed instantly.