Casio FA-6

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Casio FA-6
Connects to

Compact Cassette via one of:

Line Printer via:

Personal computer via:

Manufacturer Casio
Type Multi Interface

The FA-6 Interface was used with the Casio FX-603P, Casio FX-840P, Casio FX-841P, Casio FX-850P, Casio FX-860P, Casio FX-860Pvc, Casio FX-870P, Casio FX-880P, Casio FX-890P, Casio VX-1, Casio VX-2, Casio VX-3, Casio VX-4, Casio Z-1 and Casio Z-1GR programmable calculator and Pocket Computers.

It features Compact Cassette connectors, Centronics printer port and RS-232C interface.

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