Cassiopeia (Battlestar Galactica)

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Battlestar Galactica character
Portrayed by Laurette Spang
Species Human
Gender Female
Title Medtech
Affiliation Colonials

Cassiopeia is a fictional character in the original Battlestar Galactica which ran on ABC from 1978 to 1979. The role was portrayed by Laurette Spang.


When we are first introduced to Cassiopeia she is a refugee on the freighter Gemini, who escaped the destruction of the Twelve Colonies at the hands of the Cylons. Cassiopeia's former occupation was as a "socialator." While "socialation" was considered a euphemism for prostitution, her actual job was implied to be more along the lines of the classic definition of a geisha. But this background was played down in the subsequent episodes of the series, where she serves as part of the battlestar Galactica's medical staff. (It was never specified whether she had received any cross-training in medicine when she was pursuing socialation for a living, but that she had indeed been so cross-trained could be surmised from how the character was subsequently treated.)

She develops a romantic relationship with Lieutenant Starbuck early on, and this persists to the end of the series. Initially, she is a rival to Starbuck's other girlfriend, Lieutenant Athena, but Cassiopeia has clearly won the contest by later episodes.

She becomes the one person whom Chameleon (Fred Astaire) trusts with the knowledge that he is Starbuck's father in "The Man with Nine Lives," and in "Murder On The Rising Star" she is able to talk Starbuck out of fighting with Ortega.

Earlier in life, Cassiopeia was romantically linked to Commander Cain and considered reuniting with him when the Battlestar Pegasus was discovered.

In "The Return of Starbuck" episode of the sequel series Galactica 1980, Starbuck tells Boomer to give Cassiopeia his love, when it appears he will not be able to return to the Fleet, though he also mentions Athena.

The relaunch novel series, written by series star Richard Hatch, reveals that in the years following the end of the television series, Cassiopeia and Starbuck had a daughter named Dalton, who becomes the youngest of all Colonial Viper pilots at the age of 17 and becomes involved with Apollo's stepson Troy (Boxey).

Analog in the new Battlestar Galactica[edit]

There was no Cassiopeia in the new Battlestar Galactica. There was no prominent medical technician or nurse, either. The most prominent substitute on the new BSG was Shevon, who has a relationship with Apollo, not Starbuck. However, Cassie's initial look and wardrobe: a sexy blonde wearing a sensuous, bright red dress, had been adopted by the new BSG's Head Six, appearing to Baltar in his mind.

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