Castello Cova

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Castello Cova
Castello Cova Milano.jpg
Castello Cova is located in Milan
Castello Cova
Castello Cova
Castello Cova is located in Italy
Castello Cova
Castello Cova
General information
AddressVia Carducci, 36, Angolo Via San Vittore, 20123 Milano MI, Italy
Town or cityMilan
Coordinates45°27′46″N 9°10′25″E / 45.4629001°N 9.1734868°E / 45.4629001; 9.1734868Coordinates: 45°27′46″N 9°10′25″E / 45.4629001°N 9.1734868°E / 45.4629001; 9.1734868
Design and construction
ArchitectAdolfo Coppedè

Castello Cova ("Cova Castle"), also known as Palazzo Viviani Cova ("Viviani-Cova Palace") is a historical building in Milan, northern Italy, close to the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio.[1] Built between 1910 and 1915 on a design by architect Adolfo Coppedè (brother of the more famous Gino Coppedè), it is an example of Gothic Revival architecture, with guelph-style merlons decorating the external rusticated walls as well as the middle-ages styled tower.[2][3] The tower of Castello Cova was reportedly an inspiration for the architects of the Velasca Tower, a landmark skyscraper in the centre of Milan.[2] The Pusterla di Sant'Ambrogio, an ancient postern of the Medieval walls of Milan facing Castello Cova, was recreated in the late 1930s in a style that matches the Revival style of the Castello.

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