Church of San Sepolcro, Milan

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Church of San Sepolcro
(Chiesa di San Sepolcro)
Chiesa di San Sepolcro a Milano facciata di tre quarti.jpg
Façade of the church.
Basic information
Location Milan, Italy
Geographic coordinates Coordinates: 45°27′47″N 9°11′07″E / 45.46306°N 9.18528°E / 45.46306; 9.18528
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Province Milan
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Romanesque
Groundbreaking 1030
Completed 1897

Chiesa di San Sepolcro is a church in Milan, Italy. It was originally built in 1030, but has undergone multiple revisions.[1] The church is located at Piazza San Sepolcro in the historic center of Milan.

The latest interior restoration was in 1713-1719, while the present Neo-Romanesque facade was completed in 1894-1897, under the designs of Gaetano Moretti and Cesare Nava.[1] The Bramantino frescoes were moved from the portal to the inside of the church. Other works inside are attributed to Francesco Maria Richini and Carlo Bellosio.


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