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Category:Mythology's full description is

Mythology is the study of myths: stories of a particular culture that it believes to be true and which feature a specific religious or belief system.
For more information, see the article about Mythology.

and the essential elements of that have been in place over a year -- since about 2 weeks after the Cat system took off. The language derives from our article Mythology, where it dates in essence from almost 3 years ago.
Noah's Ark has recently been removed from this Cat, with the only reason given being an edit summary reading

rv; pick a less offensive term

I am pointing out at Talk:Noah's Ark that here, and not in main-namespace articles that meet the criteria of the description, is where any such problem could be addressed.
--Jerzy·t 21:15, 2005 August 2 (UTC)

Codex Sinaiticus said on Talk:Noah's Ark that what they want is a case of removing

an inappropriate or offensive category; this happens all the time on wikipedia. Try leaving it to the reader to decide whether or not he feels this is mythology, instead of trying to make his mind up for him, which usually isn't going to be effective anyway. Stick with verifiable, referenced assertions and above all, the principle of neutrality (this always wins on wikipedia with any pov that is controversial); throwing a "mythology" tag up is just a backhanded form of pov pushing in this case, especially as a great number of people disagree. The definition at the article mythology makes it quite clear that this is a term only used for stories that could not have any truth to them, and is a way of implying this; therefore it is pov and should be removed in the paramount interest of maintaining NPOV without provoking cries of 'vandalism'...

Copied to Category talk:Mythology, since it is appropriate to pursue it here, but not there. --Jerzy·t 19:53, 2005 August 3 (UTC)

According to the definition, and to the dictionary.comm definition and existing examples, placeing Noah's Ark in the category is 100% legitimate. FestivalOfSouls 20:29, 4 August 2005 (UTC)

Please see the various talk pages. DJ Clayworth 17:32, 5 August 2005 (UTC)

was the early catholic church the first to begin using the lines and spaces to record music and a form of note system we adopted

was the early catholic church the first sytem to use lines and spaces and a form of notes tnd spaces[edit]

was the early catholic church the first to begin using the lines and spaces to record music and a form of note system we adopted


I'm sorry, but is it necessary to sport this in-your-face warning template? It appears to be directed at morons. As a reader, I don't like being treated as a moron. Also, whatever we do, can we transclude it rather than copy-pasting it everywhere? That would make stylistic changes ever so much easier. dab () 09:07, 16 June 2006 (UTC)

cross-posted from Category:Mythography[edit]

Category:Mythography is in Category:Mythology; Category:Mythology is in Category:Mythography; this is recursive and probably wrong! Which is a subcategory of the other? Robert Greer (talk) 19:44, 16 March 2008 (UTC)