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Cebu Ferries Corporation
Industry Ferry Services
Founded Aboitiz(1994)
Headquarters Supercat Terminal Pier 4, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Port Area, Batangas City
, Philippines

Cebu Ferries was a shipping company based in Batangas City and Cebu City, Philippines. Its hubs were Batangas Port in Batangas and Pier 4 in Cebu City. It is now part of 2GO Travel.

Formerly the shipping company was a subsidiary of William Gothong & Aboitiz, better knowns as WG&A. When WG&A split up, Jon Ramon Aboitiz retained Cebu Ferries and the shipping company’s sisters SuperCat Fast Ferry Corporation and SuperFerry. Carlos A. Gothong Lines went back to shipping. Cebu Ferries eventually became part of the Aboitiz Transport System which was purchased by Negros Navigation, which in turn was purchased by the Chinese government through its wholly owned private equity firm the China-Asean Investment Cooperation Fund and renamed 2GO Travel.[1]


Cebu Ferries served the following destinations:


Cebu Ferries operated the following vessels (as of January 2011):

  • Ferries:
    • St. Augustine of Hippo (formerly Cebu Ferry 1)
    • St. Anthony de Padua (formerly Cebu Ferry 2)
    • St. Ignatius of Loyola (formerly Cebu Ferry 3)
    • Our Lady of Mount Carmel[2] (sold to George and Peter Lines & renamed as M/V GP Ferry 2)
    • Our Lady of Lourdes
    • Our Lady of Montserrat
    • Our Lady of Good Voyage (sold to Gothong Southern and renamed as M/V Doña Conchita Sr., but was later sold by the company to Trans-Asia Shipping Lines and was renamed as M/V Trans-Asia 9)
    • Our Lady of Manaoag
    • Our Lady of Banneux
    • Our Lady of Fatima
    • Our Lady of Guadalupe
    • Our Lady of the Rule[3] (broken-up by ship breakers in Alang, India)

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