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The Center for Sustainable Energy Farming, established in late 2010 by Global Clean Energy Holdings, is a non-profit research center dedicated to establishing and promoting the development of resilient and sustainable communities, fueled by socially responsible clean energy produced from Jatropha.


The Center‘s mission is to perform plant science research in genetics, breeding and horticulture, and further develop technologies to allow for the economic commercialization and sustainability of energy farms. The Center provides a common research platform to foster communication and cooperation among various national and international research institutions and organizations in the biofuel sector. From a global economics, environmental and social perspective, this collaboration will contribute to the development of more productive energy farms capable of supplying large quantities of plant-based (non-food) oils to replace the use of fossil fuels. This initiative has the potential to create tens of thousands of jobs in the agri-business and alternative energy industries, expand the use of non-productive land, generate local business-to-business opportunities, reduce global dependency on oil reserves, and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.[1]

Current research[edit]

The Center is focused on developing high-yielding commercial varieties of Jatropha curcas through interdisciplinary research cooperation across multiple scientific disciplines.[2] The center has a goal of improving yields 300 percent and reducing inputs by 30 percent within 10 years.


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