Center for the Study of Bioethics

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The Center for the Study of Bioethics (CSB) is a bioethics research institute based in Belgrade, Serbia. It was founded in 2012 by the Serbian American philosopher Vojin Rakić. CSB has internal and associate members. They include Peter Singer, John Harris, Don Marquis, Nicholas Agar, Ingmar Persson, James J. Hughes, Arthur Caplan, Erik Parens and Stefan Lorenz Sorgner.

In May 2013 CSB attracted widespread attention by organizing a conference in Belgrade at which John Harris and Julian Savulescu confronted their differing positions on human enhancement and freedom. Their debate continued for several days in Belgrade, not only at the conference (with Peter Singer as a discussant of their positions), but also in front of TV cameras.[1] The Oxford Centre for Neuroethics was a co-organizer of this event. In October 2015 CSB organized another highly acclaimed bioethics conference in Belgrade, this time in collaboration with The Hastings Center.The keynote speakers were John Harris and Erik Parens. Reports on the event have appeared in dozens of media.