Tlaxcala–Puebla Nahuatl

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Tlaxcala-Puebla Nahuatl
Central Nahuatl
Native toTlaxcala, Puebla
Regionwestern central Mexico
Native speakers
(40,000 cited 1980 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3nhn

The Tlaxcala-Puebla Nahuatl language, also known as Central Nahuatl, is a Nahuan language spoken by 40,000 people in central Mexico.


It is variously known as Central Aztec, Náhuatl del Centro, and Puebla-Tlaxcala Nahuatl. In 1990, there were 1,000 Tlaxcala-Puebla Nahuatl monolinguals.[1]


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