Cerro Cedral

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Cerro Cedral
Cerro Cedral is located in Costa Rica
Cerro Cedral
Cerro Cedral
Location in Costa Rica
Highest point
Elevation2,420 m (7,940 ft) [1]
Coordinates09°53′N 84°11′W / 9.883°N 84.183°W / 9.883; -84.183Coordinates: 09°53′N 84°11′W / 9.883°N 84.183°W / 9.883; -84.183
LocationSan José Province, Costa Rica
Parent rangeCerros de Escazú

The Cerro Cedral is the second highest mountain of the Cerros de Escazú, Costa Rica with 2,420 m (7,940 ft).[1] Cedral means 'cedar forest' referring to an endangered tree species locally known as Cedro Dulce, which occurs there.[2]

This mountain marks the southern limit of Escazú as a canton and of San José as a province.

The Agres river rises from the Cerro Cedral.

On January 15, 1990 a Sansa Airlines flight crashed into the Cerro Cedral killing all 23 crew and passengers on board. The pilot, flying a CASA C-212 Aviocar, was later determined to be under excessive fatigue at the moment.[3]

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