Challenge of the Dragon

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Challenge of the Dragon
Challenge of the Dragon Cover.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s)Color Dreams
Publisher(s)Color Dreams
Designer(s)Dan Burke (concept, story)
Jon Valesh
Dan Lawton
Programmer(s)Jon Valesh
Artist(s)Dan Burke
Composer(s)John Dwyer
Genre(s)Beat 'em up

Challenge of the Dragon was an unlicensed game developed by Color Dreams in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


Times were once serene in the lush lands of Lorin, long before technology and evil. The evil necromancer Demiwind has appeared. As a child, this seemingly harmless soul spent his time idly whittling away the hours with magically insignificant spells. Young Demiwind would make an egg float here, a chicken there, or simply conjure a lizard man or two to do this chores for him. Then disaster and puberty struck, rendering young Demiwind a walking testosterone magic machine with an eye for mischief. Some would maintain that wiping out entire villages by accident on purpose was more than mischief.


  • Sir Burkelot - The main character who grew up learning dragon style kung fu.
  • Lady Ninita - Sir Burkelot's girlfriend who has been kidnapped by the evil wizard Demiwind. Her name bears a resemblance to Nina Stanley who worked on many Color Dreams titles.
  • Demiwind - The main antagonist of the game. An evil wizard who took Lady Ninita.

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