Champlain Housing Trust

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Champlain Housing Trust
Industry Affordable housing
Founded 1984 (Vermont)
Headquarters Flag of Vermont.svg Vermont
Area served
Northwest Vermont
Products Affordable housing

The Champlain Housing Trust is a membership-based nonprofit, non governmental organization which creates and preserves affordable housing and in northwest Vermont.[1]


The Burlington Community Land Trust and Lake Champlain Housing Development Corporation were each founded by the City of Burlington, Vermont in 1984 to provide affordable, safe housing to families and individuals with low to moderate incomes. As geographic territory, services, and funding sources increasingly overlapped, the two organizations decided to combine their assets and resources into Champlain Housing Trust. In 2006, the merger was complete.[1]

In 2009, the organization moved headquarters on King Street. Besides containing the staff, the building has room for 20 families.[2]


In 2009, there were 80 staff members located throughout Chittenden, Grand Isle, and Franklin counties.[1]


In 2009, the trust had $43 million in assets, nearly 1,500 apartments, 440 owner-occupied homes, and 15 commercial buildings.[3]


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