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Charitar 266 is one of 404 tales present in Sri Charitropakhyan composition present in Dasam Granth. This tale is also called Katha Sri Ran Khamb Kala[1] or Tale of Rann Khamb Kala.[2] As per Plot of Sri Charitropakhyan, This tale is among set of tales narrated by wise minister to King Chitra Singh from preventing king's son from death punishment, due to false allegation of attempt of Rape by King's younger wife onto Prince Hanuvant Singh.[3]

This tale is fierce verbal dialogue between Hindu Pundit and Daughter of King Sumati i.e. Sri Rann Khamb Kala on different religious principles like Idolatry, Pilgrimage, Trimurti, Charity, Salvation, Enlightenment, Human Worship, Avtarvaad, where Hindu Pundit lost the verbal battle and later accepted the thoughts of Sumati's Daughter after punishment by her.[4] Also this tale glorifies uses of Bhang in religion and military.[5][6]

The tale contains 125 verses includes 16 Chopais, 9 Adil, 6 Chandds, 4 kabits and 10 Dohras.


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