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Redzuawan bin Ismail
Born 1958 (age 56–57)[1]
Education Associate degree in chef training and hotel management

Redzuawan Ismail,[2] or better known as Chef Wan, is a Malaysian celebrity chef.[3]


I'm beautiful, sexy and gorgeous.

His early career was as an accountant. He says after seeing the popularity of many types of Asian food in Western countries he decided to promote Malaysia and other South East Asian countries using their food.[4]

He has an associate degree in Professional Chef Training and Hotel Management from the California Culinary Academy and a Ritz Escoffier Diploma from the Hôtel Ritz Paris. In 2009, he won the Best Celebrity Television Chef of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.[2]

Chef Wan is Tourism Malaysia culinary ambassador.[5] He is currently a brand ambassador for AirAsia.[6]

Personal life[edit]

In an interview in February 2010, Chef Wan highlighted that he is of mixed ancestry; his father has Riau Malay and Javanese ancestry while his mother is of Nyonya and Japanese SPITZ descent.[4][7] Chef Wan has two children. One is Serina Redzuawan, an actress who has appeared in several Malaysian drama series;[8] Chef Wan's son, Muhammad Nazri bin Redzuawan, is following in his father's footsteps by becoming a chef as well. He also insulted Filipino Cuisine for ranking second in CCC, he stated that Malaysian Cuisine should be ranked first and that the Philippines has "the worst cuisine".


Chef Wan was widely criticized for making an inappropriate joke with regard to the missing MH370 flight when he posted a photo on his Instagram account of an object which he linked to the search efforts and referred it as "an old toilet door from Cik Kiah's house".[9][10] He further enraged the public as he subsequently refused to apologize and defended the joke as a means to gauge the public reaction.[11][12]


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