Cheltenham Association Football League

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Cheltenham Association Football League
Cheltenham League.png
Country England
Founded 1900
Divisions 5
Number of teams 62
Level on pyramid Levels 14 to 18
Feeder to Gloucestershire Northern Senior League
Promotion to Gloucestershire Northern Senior League Division Two
Current champions FC Lakeside

The Cheltenham Association Football League is a football competition based in England and has a total of five divisions. Its top division, Division One sits at level 14 of the English football league system. It is a feeder to the Gloucestershire Northern Senior League. There is also a feeder link to the Cheltenham League with the champion club from the Cirencester and District League being able to progress to Division One of the Cheltenham League.

The Cheltenham League is affiliated to the Gloucestershire County FA.


The Cheltenham Association Football League is based in and around Cheltenham, providing league football for teams in a 50-mile radius of the town. From its humble beginnings in 1900, the league now boasts 5 divisions, comprising 62 teams and is a feeder league for the Gloucestershire Northern Senior League.[1]

Among the clubs that have left the Cheltenham League and now compete at a higher level are:

The Herd are another side that progressed from the Cheltenham League to the Hellenic Football League and in more recent years were known as Cirencester United, however the club has now disbanded.

Member clubs 2015–16[edit]

  • Division One
  • Division Two
  • Andoversford
  • AFC Worcester Olympic
  • Brockworth Albion Reserves
  • Cheltenham Patriots
  • Dowty Dynamos
  • Gloucester Elmleaze
  • Hanley Swan
  • Leckhampton Rovers
  • Prestbury Rovers
  • Southside Star Reserves
  • Tewkesbury Town
  • Welland
  • Whaddon United Reserves
  • Division Three
  • Apperley
  • Cheltenham Civil Service 'A'
  • Falcons Reserves
  • Fintan
  • Gala Wilton 'A'
  • Kings Reserves
  • Leckhampton Rovers Reserves
  • Newlands Athletic
  • Pittville United
  • Shurdington Rovers
  • Smith's Athletic Reserves
  • Southside Star 'A'
  • Division Four
  • Andoversford Reserves
  • Bourton Rovers 'A'
  • Bredon Reserves
  • Charlton Rovers Reserves
  • Cheltenham Civil Service 'B'
  • FC Barometrics 'A'
  • FC Lakesdie Reserves
  • Hatherley
  • Northway
  • Malvern Vale
  • Shurdington Rovers Reserves
  • Staunton & Corse Reserves
  • Division Five
  • Andoversford 'A'
  • Apperley Reserves
  • Charlton Rovers 'A'
  • Cheltenham Saracens 'A'
  • Cheltenham United
  • Fintan Reserves
  • Gala Wilton 'B'
  • Malvern Vale Reserves
  • Prestbury Rovers Reserves
  • Regency Town
  • Welland Reserves
  • Winchcombe Town Reserves
  • Windyridge Rovers


List of Division 1 Champions[edit]


List of recent Division Two to Six Champions[edit]

Season Division Two Division Three Division Four Division Five Division Six
2000–01 Dynamos Newton Heath Phoenix United Warden Hill United Reserves
2001–02 Smiths Athletic Reserves Bishop's Cleeve 'A' Warden Hill United Reserves Northway Reserves
2002–03 Newton Heath Warden Hill Reserves Northway Reserves Naunton Park
2003–04 Rowanfield United St Marks Reserves Charlton Rovers Tewkesbury YMCA Reserves
2004–05 Bishop's Cleeve 'A' Gala Wilton Reserves Tewkesbury YMCA Reserves Tewkesbury Dynamos
2005–06 Cheltenham Civil Service Reserves High Tech Rangers AC Olympia Tewkesbury Town
2006–07 Finlay Rovers Whaddon United Tewkesbury Town Churchdown Panthers
2007–08 Whaddon United Winchcombe Town Reserves Tewkesbury Rovers FC Barometrics Reserves
2008–09 Whaddon United Reserves Broadway United Churchdown Panthers Cheltenham & Gloucester Cheltenham Saracens 'C'
2009–10 Real Whaddon Gloucester Elmleaze Cheltenham & Gloucester Cheltenham Saracens 'B' FC Lakeside
2010–11 Falcons Smiths Athletic Reserves RSG FC Lakeside Cheltonians
2011–12 Bibury Hanley Swan FC Lakeside Welland Newlands Athletic
2012–13 Gala Wilton Reserves FC Lakeside Priors Pittville United Hatherley
2013–14 Churchdown Panthers Cheltenham Patriots Shurdington Rovers Reserves Northway FC Lakeside Reserves
2014–15 Cheltenham Civil Service Reserves Welland Northway FC Lakeside Reserves Malvern Vale
2015–16 Welland Shurdington Rovers Bredon Reserves Apperley Reserves



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