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Chembong is a mukim in Rembau District, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. It is also the name for the State Assembly of Chembong whose elected representative is YB Tuan Zaifulbahri Bin Idris. There is an estate called Chembong Estate which is populated by mostly Indians. They were worked as rubber tappers and some are normal workers. But after a few years back they shifted out of the countryside; there are just a few families still staying and working in oil palm field. The government plan to develop the Chembong Estate in certain criteria without disturbing the originality of natures.[clarification needed]

There is a Srimahamariamman temple beside the main road attracting the Hindu people who go to work every day. The local Muslims respect the beliefs and having a good life.[citation needed] There is a Masjid near the Sekolah Menengah Teknik (Pertanian) Dato' Lela Maharaja Chembong.

Chembong Estate is a very popular village since the 1970s for their football games. There were many local players represent state and some clubs. Every year the local Srimahamariamman temple will have yearly anniversary and all the people who left the estate in the early 1990s will attend to celebrate.[1]