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For the tribe, see Criminal Tribes Act.

Chhara is a village in the Bahadurgarh tehsil of Jhajjar district, Haryana, India. It is situated on the MDR 122 road from Bahadurgarh to Beri and on the State Highway 20 from Sonipat to Jhajjar. Both these roads cross each other in Chhara.


The authentic origin of the village is not known, but from records of the Bhats and old people it is believed that this village was destroyed six times in the past; this is the seventh time where today the people are living. In old times this was near the Shiv ji. At present it seems that the village is situated on a low mountain, because as one enters the village the heights of streets and homes increase and can be checked physically. Chhara is a big village of Dalal Khap and Mudgil, Kaushik and Alumboyan Pandits. It is a village of wrestlers and it has many famous Akhadasa (wrestling gyms). There are many large ponds in the village named Mannalala, Choudhary Aala, Ram kund etc. There are two Panas in Village: Maanyaan and Bhokran. and many Tholoas like Godhu,Birru ,Sadhyan, etc. which cover a major region.


Distance between Chhara and Nearest Town/city

Nearest Railway Station

Dominant & Farming Cast Of Village

Gotras : Mudgil Kaushik Bhardwaj Alumboyan

Dalal Punia Rathee

Occupational Castes


Population of Village

The population of the village is 26,780 according to 2011 census.


Primary Schools

  • Government Primary School Pana Bhokran Chhara
  • Government Primary School 1 Pana Manyan Chhara
  • Government Primary School 2 Pana Manyan Chhara
  • Government Primary School 3 Pana Manyan Chhara

High School

Senior Secondary Schools



Bank & ATM's


Health Center


There are many famous temples in the village called Samadh (Dada Bhagwan Dash, Dada Shyam Smunder Dash) (Hanuman mandir). Another one is called Shibji (Shiv ji)(Krishan Je Mandir)(Baba Gorakh Dham).

Famous Johad

Pelia Jhoar is famous in the area for the treatment of jaundice. Only any patient has to take a bath in that water and offer some dal (chana ki dal).

Sports & stadium

The Village Of Wrestlers: chhara is famous for its wrestler. there are three Major Akhara in this village. These are

----There are so many social working club

(Yuva vahini club) (Friends youth club) (Chugaan mata sewa smiti) (Kabir yuva sanghatan) (Nehru yuva cente) (Chandershaker aazad club)

But present time friends youth club and chugaan mata sewa smiti is working position

Deepak Dalal is started friends youth club and also president of this social working unit last 3 years Deepak Dalal is also started another social working unit that called chugaan mata sewa smiti and present time Deepak Dalal,Pradeep Dalal is president of it there are a hundred or above mambers in this unit Social work done by chugaan mata sewa smiti and friends youth club::----- 1)Arrange blood donation camp in various placeses in village 2) beti bachao raillys 3) safai abhiyaan in all village and public places 4) help poor peoples 5)in all navratre arrange a jagran of chugaan mata at the tample of chugaan mata near ramkund talab

  Now beti bachao beti padhao abhiyaan in progress by chugaan mata sewa smiti


NGO IN CHHARA ---- FRIENDS YOUTH CLUB - CHHARA this club is working from last 5,years president- Deepak Dalal(9466515171,8059592940) 2)chugaan mata sewa smiti - chhara is also working from last 3 years like blood donation camp, beti bachao railyes and a lof of social work in village And the most famous work by chugaan mata sewa smitj is arrange a jagran of mata rani at chugaan mata mandir near ramkund talab there are thousands of people is partispate in this prograam

Mr.Deepak Dalal is president of chugaan mata sewa smiti and its mambers are nearby a tbousand or above.