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PronunciationPronounced in English roughly as /t͡ʃia/ for Chinese surnames, and /kia/ for the Italian surname
Language(s)Often Chinese, also sometimes Italian
Other names
  • Jia, Kar (家, 賈)
  • Jia (郟, 甲)
  • Xie, Hsieh, Tse ()
  • Che ()

Chia is a surname. It is a Latin-alphabet spelling of various Chinese surnames, as well as an Italian surname.


Chia was the 20th-most common Chinese surname in Singapore as of 1997 (ranked by English spelling, rather than by Chinese characters). Roughly 22,600 people, or 0.9% of the Chinese Singaporean population at the time, bore the surname Chia.[1] Among respondents to the 2000 United States Census, Chia was the 856th-most common surname among Asian Pacific Americans, and 17,530th-most common overall, with 1,481 bearers (72.78% of whom identified as Asian/Pacific Islander).[2] In Italy, 72 families bore the surname Chia, with more than half located in Sardinia.[3]


Chia may be a spelling of a number of Chinese surnames, based on different varieties of Chinese, listed below by their romanisation in Mandarin pinyin:

  • Jia (various characters and tones), all spelled Chia in the Wade–Giles romanisation of Mandarin used before the development of pinyin, and still widespread in Taiwan.[4]
  • Xiè (), spelled Chia based on its pronunciation in various Southern Min dialects, including:[6]
  • Chē (), spelled Chia based on its pronunciation in various Southern Min dialects, including:[8]
    • Hokkien (POJ: Chhia, IPA: /t͡ɕʰia⁴⁴/)
    • Teochew (Peng'im: Cia1; IPA: /t͡sʰia³³/)[9]

It is also an Italian toponymic surname referring to Chia, Province of South Sardinia. That toponym may have originated from a Phoenician word for "valley".[10]

Chinese surname 謝[edit]

  • Chia Boon Leong (谢文良; born 1925), Singaporean footballer
  • Eric Chia (谢英福; 1930s–2008), Malaysian businessman
  • Nicholas Chia (谢益裕; born 1938), third Roman Catholic Archbishop of Singapore
  • Chia Thye Poh (谢太宝; born 1941), Singaporean political activist imprisoned for 23 years without charge or trial
  • Yvonne Chia (谢姚依雯; born c. 1953), Malaysian banker
  • Mantak Chia (謝明德; born 1944), Thai Taoist master
  • Chia Yong Yong (谢邕邕; born 1962), Singaporean lawyer and politician
  • Steve Chia (谢镜丰; born 1970), Singaporean politician
  • Danny Chia (谢志荣; born 1972), Malaysian golfer
  • Michelle Chia (谢韵仪; born 1975), Singaporean actress
  • Elvin Chia (谢俊道; born 1977), Malaysian swimmer
  • Amber Chia (谢丽萍; born 1981), Malaysian model and actress
  • Kimberly Chia (谢静仪; born 1995), Singaporean actress
  • Aaron Chia (谢定峰; born 1997), Malaysian badminton player
  • Nelson Chia (谢燊杰), Singaporean television actor and director

Chinese surname 賈[edit]

Other or unknown[edit]

People with a non-Chinese surname Chia, or whose names as written in Chinese characters are not available:


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