Chihaya Station

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Chihaya Station
Chihaya station 1.jpg
West Entrance of Chihaya Station
Location Higashi, Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Operated by Nishi-Nippon Railroad, JR Kyushu
Opened 1951
Previous names Nakano
A sign at Nishitetsu Chihaya Station

Chihaya Station (千早駅?, Chihaya-eki) is a railway station where the Nishitetsu Kaizuka Line and the JR Kagoshima Main Line meet in Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. The official name of the Nishitetsu station is Nishitetsu Chihaya Station (西鉄千早駅?, Nishitetsu-Chihaya-eki).[1]

Adjacent Stations[edit]

Nishitetsu Kaizuka Line
Najima - Kashii-Miyamae


Station layout[edit]

JR Chihaya Station[edit]

The station is above ground level with 2 platforms and 4 tracks.

1 Kagoshima Main Line to KashiiAkamaOrioKokura
2 Kagoshima Main Line to Kashii・Akama・Orio・Kokura (Sidetrack)
3 Kagoshima Main Line to HakataFutsukaichiKurume
4 Kagoshima Main Line to Hakata・Futsukaichi・Kurume (sidetrack)

Nishitetsu Chihaya Station[edit]

The station is above ground level with an island platform and two tracks.

1 Kaizuka Line to Nishitetsu Shingū
2 Kaizuka Line to Kaizuka


There had been a Nishitetsu station named Nakano Station (名香野駅?, Nakano-eki) since 1951. In the course of the redevelopment of a former railway yard in the area, the station was relocated and upgraded to a joint station for Nishitetsu and JR.[2] The JR station was opened in 2003 and the Nishitetsu station was renamed and rebuilt in 2004. The original location of Nakano Station is a few blocks away from the present station.

  • June 15, 1951 - Nishitetsu opens Nakano Station. [3]
  • July 7, 2003 - JR Kyushu opens Chihaya station. [4]
  • August 2, 2004 - Nishitetsu relocates Nakano Station and renames it Nishitetsu Chihaya Station. (Originally scheduled for August 1, but postponed because of an approaching typhoon.) [1][5]


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