Takeshita Station

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Takeshita Station Station
Takeshita sta.JPG
Takeshita station as of 2007
Location Takeshita 4-16-16, Hakata, Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Operated by JR Kyushu
Line(s) Kagoshima Main Line
Opened 1913

Takeshita Station (竹下駅 Takeshita-eki?) is a railway station on the Kagoshima Main Line, operated by JR Kyushu in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. The station is 80.9 km from Mojiko Station, origin of the Kagoshima Main Line.[1] The station opened on September 21, 1913. Since 2009 the station has been subject to extensive renovations which have included the installation of elevators, roofing and new stairs.


Points of interest[edit]

Takeshita Station is close to a major Asahi beer plant. This plant includes a Beer Garden that is popular with visitors on the summer season.

The station is convenient for those who need to go to the Kyushu University School of Design.

The Nishitetsu Ōhashi Station of the Tenjin Ōmuta Line is located 1.08 km south-west of the elevated walkway.

Bus service routes[edit]

The station is served by the Nishitetsu local bus routes from Takeshita bus stop (竹下バス停 Takeshita-basu-tei?)

  • 46
    • Asahi Beer (アサヒビール前)→Eki-minami nichōme (駅南二丁目)→Ekimae yonchōme (駅前四丁目)→Hakata StationCanal City Hakata→Haruyoshi (春吉)→Tenjin→Shimin kaikan mae (市民会館前)→Hakata Futō (博多埠頭)
  • 46

Adjacent stations[edit]

Kagoshima Main Line
Hakata Local Sasabaru


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Coordinates: 33°34′07″N 130°25′53″E / 33.5687°N 130.4315°E / 33.5687; 130.4315