Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

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Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
Windesheim Zwolle 2013.jpg
Motto Het gebeurt op Windesheim
Motto in English
It happens at Windesheim[citation needed]
Established 1880
Type Special, Protestant
President Albert Cornelissen[1]
Students 20,300[citation needed]
Location Zwolle and Lelystad, Netherlands

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences (Dutch: Windesheim) is a Dutch vocational university. It offers multiple studies at the bachelor's level. Windesheim is home to a total of ten different schools:

  • School of Built Environment & Transport
  • School of Business & Economics
  • School of Education
  • School of Engineering & Design
  • School of Health Care
  • School of Human Movement & Sports
  • School of Information Sciences
  • School of Management & Law
  • School of Media
  • School of Social Work

Windesheim has a partnership with the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, resulting in Windesheim Honours College.


Windesheim was founded in 1880.[citation needed] Windesheim as it currently exists was formed in 1986 as the result of the merger of several education providers. The merger was a process take took place over a number of years years with more and more institutions joining. The academy for Journalism and the academy for Social Studies from Kampen became part of the new institute as well as the School of Physical Exercise from Arnhem. Most of the education providers who joined were located in Zwolle: Higher Education in Economics and Administration (HEAO), Higher Education in Engineering and Technology (HTS), College of Education, School of Nursing, Academy of Journalism and Higher Education in Information Technology. These separate institutions all became part of Windesheim which then joined forces on an administrative level with the VU University Amsterdam. In 2012 this set up was discontinued and both institutions now have their own board and organization behind them. In September 2006, it changed its degree system to the bachelor/master system.


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