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The Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) is the umbrella organization that coordinates the activities of the Christian Health Institutions and Christian Churches’ Health programmes in Ghana. It is a body through which all or most of the Christian Church related health facilities /programmes liaise with the Ministry of Health to ensure proper collaboration and complementation of the government efforts at providing for the health needs of Ghanaians. Noteworthy Ghana's health care services are supervised by the Ministry of Health. The main agency that carries out the ministry's policy is the Ghana Health Service.[1]

History of CHAG[edit]

Over the years, CHAG membership has grown from 25 health institutions in 1967 to 152 institutions in 2005. These institutions are 56 hospitals, 83 primary health care bodies and 8 Health manpower-training centres in the country. The Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) member institutions are located predominantly in the rural areas and are aimed at reaching the marginalized and poorest of the poor. A few are in big towns now but were built there when the towns were small and rural. A few can now also be seen in the slumps of some of the Cities.[2]

Functions of CHAG[edit]

The main functions of CHAG are aimed at:

  • serving the health needs of the poor and vulnerable populations that have been created by urbanisation.[2]
  • playing a complementary role to the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ghana Health Service (GHS)


CHAG’s 183 Member Institutions are predominantly located in the rural (underserved) areas.


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