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The Christophe Plantin Prize (French: Prix Christoffel Plantin), is a Belgian civilian prize, intended to reward a Belgian citizen who resides abroad, who has made significant contributions to cultural, artistic or scientific activities.

Named after noted printer Christophe Plantin, the prize was created in 1968 on the initiative of:

Funded by voluntary contributions, the prize consists of a 10,000 fund and a medal created by Antwerp artist May Néama. On one side the medal has a portrait of Christoffel Plantin, accompanied by his statement: "I have more hope in posteriority than in the current world population." To the reverse is an old picture of Antwerp quays, with a compass and another statement of Plantin: "Labore and Constantia."


Year Winner Art Resides Notes
1968 Armand HENNEUSE Poetry France Lyon
1969 Antoon VOLLEMAERE Mayan paleography Burundi Bujumbura
1970 Albert VAN DEN BRANDEN, S.J. Theology Lebanon Lebanese University
1971 Pierre LEON Music West Germany Bonn Opera
1972 Jean DEVAUX Arts and Ballet Guatemala Guatemala
1973 Jan YOORS Artist United States New York City
1974 Pierre RIJCKMANS Sinologist Australia Australian National University
1975 Robert VLIEGEN Music Japan Osaka College of Music
1976 Paul DETIENNE, S.J. Languages India India Author and Bengali translator
1977 Claude ALARD Sculptor France Bourges
1978 Mgr. Jose RUYSSCHAERT Religion Vatican City Vatican 1965 - vice-prefect, Vatican library
1971 - Honorary chaplain to Pope Paul VI
1979 Professor Dr. Karel MAERTENS Medicine Zaire University of Kinshasa
1980 Professor Pierre van RUTTEN Ethetics and semantics Canada University of Ottawa
1981 Henri R. LERIBAUX Nuclear science United States Texas A&M University
1982 Professor B. HENDRICKX History South Africa University of Johannesburg
1983 Philippe FALISSE Music India India traditional music of Dhrupad
1984 Charles L. SCHEPENS Medicine United States United States
1985 Edouard VERSTEYLEN Archeology Peru Museo Nacional de Arqueología Antropología e Historia del Perú
1986 Doctor Gabrielle WILLE Drug addiction Colombia Universidad del Norte
1987 Luc CROEGAERT, S.J. African studies Africa
1988 Nicole DACOS Philosophy Italy Academia Belgica
1989 Doctor Ghislaine GODENNE Medicine United States University of Maryland, College Park
1990 Willem A. Grootaers, C.I.C.M. Dialect Japan Fu-jen University Japanese women
1991 Jan OF YOUR Philosophy Mexico Academia of Investigaciòn Científica Mexican
1992 Doctor Emile L. Boulpaep Medicine United States Yale University
1993 Doctor Marc R. of LEVAL Medicine United Kingdom Great Ormond Street Hospital
1994 Doctor Lilyan Kesteloot Culture and litereature of Africa Senegal University of Dakar
1995 Ferdinand of TRAZEGNIES there GRANDA Lawyer Peru Ambassador
1998 Doctor Jan Modest Quaegebuer Medicine United States Columbia University
1999 Robert Cailliau Switzerland CERN co-creator of the World Wide Web
2000 Professor Lutgarde Buydens Pharmacology Netherlands University of Nijmegen
2001 Robert Casteels Performing Arts Singapore LASALLE College of the Arts
2002 Pierre De Meyts Medicine Denmark Hagedorn Research Institute
2003 Professor Eduardo Dargent Chamot History of Nutrition United States St. Mary's University
2004 Professor Christian Wellekens Computer voice recognition France Institut Eurécom
2005 Professor Hervé Bourlard Computer sciences Switzerland École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
2006 Professor Dr. Bart Willem Kempenaers Germany Max Planck Institute
2007 Dirk van Braeckel[1] Automotive design United Kingdom Bentley Motors Design Bentley Continental GTC
2008 Professor Patrick De Deckker Research/Lecturer Past climates, earth's history Australia Australian National University


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