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Edmonton LRT station
LRT Station Clareview 10.jpg
Coordinates 53°36′06″N 113°24′41″W / 53.60167°N 113.41139°W / 53.60167; -113.41139Coordinates: 53°36′06″N 113°24′41″W / 53.60167°N 113.41139°W / 53.60167; -113.41139
Owned by City of Edmonton
Platforms Centre
Tracks 2
Structure type Surface
Parking 1372 Stalls
Bicycle facilities yes
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Website Clareview LRT Station
Opened 1981
Rebuilt 2001
Electrified 600 V DC[1]
Passengers (2015)
(typical weekday)
8,417 board
8,060 alight
16,477 Total[2]
Preceding station   Edmonton Transit System   Following station
Terminus Capital Line
toward Century Park
Route map

Clareview station is an Edmonton Light Rail Transit station in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It serves the Capital Line and is currently the northern terminus of the line. It is a ground-level station located near 42 Street and 139 Avenue, and is named for the northeast Edmonton district of Clareview.


The station was opened on April 26, 1981.

Major renovations to the station were completed on March 4, 2001. These renovations included a new covered station platform, two bus terminals, the addition of wheelchair ramps at station entrances, and a pedestrian underpass connecting the station to both bus terminals.[3]

Station layout[edit]

The station has a 123 metre long centre loading platform that can accommodate two five-car LRT trains at the same time, with one train on each side of the platform. The platform is just over nine metres wide.[4]

Clareview Station has a park and ride facility with 1372 parking spaces.[3]

Public art[edit]

Clareview Station is decorated with a piece entitled "One Long Autumn", a gel transfer onto plexiglass imitating sepia prints.[5]

Around the station[edit]

Clareview Transit Centre[edit]

Clareview Transit Centre
Location Canada
Platforms 16 bus bays
Structure type Covered shelter
Parking yes
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Website Clareview Transit Centre
Opened 2001

The Clareview Transit Centre is located on the east and west side of the LRT station. It is connected to the station by a pedestrian underpass.

Routes cover Northeast Edmonton and the city of Fort Saskatchewan.

The following bus routes serve the transit centre:[6]

Destination Routes Transit Centre
Abbottsfield Transit Centre 183, 185 East
Belvedere Transit Centre Londonderry Mall (off peak hours) 181 West
Brintnell 192, 193 West
Clareview 187 East
Clareview 188 West
Coliseum Transit Centre 10 East
Eaux Claires Transit Centre 149, 190 West
Evergreen 184 West
Evergreen 302 East
Fort Saskatchewan 198 West
Fraser 182, 186 East
Hollick-Kenyon 381 West
Lessard 2 West
Londonderry Mall 187 East
Londonderry Mall 188 West
McConachie 195 West
Northgate Transit Centre 11, 182, 186 East
Quarry Ridge 380 West
West Edmonton Mall Transit Centre 137 West
Downtown 512 West


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