Clash of the Princes

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Clash of the Princes
Clash of the princes box front.jpg
Clash of the Princes: box case front (1986)
Authors Andrew Chapman & Martin Allen
Illustrator John Blanche
Cover artist John Blanche
Genre Fantasy
Publisher Puffin Books
Publication date
Media type Boxed set
ISBN 0-14-095314-0

Clash of the Princes were two books (The Warrior's Way and The Warlock's Way) released as a box set by Puffin Books in 1986, written by Andrew Chapman and Martin Allen and illustrated by John Blanche.[1] They could be played as standard Fighting Fantasy gamebooks or could be combined for a two-player experience. In the two-player game, two scores (Action and Status) are kept track of on a piece of paper in order to keep both players' game experiences synchronized.

The books took place in the land of "Gundobad" on Titan, but the books do not say where or when Gundobad is on Titan, leading fans to speculate about its location. They were the first Fighting Fantasy books to drop out of print as retailers at the time were not fans of box sets.[2]


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