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Skyline of Coari
Flag of Coari
Official seal of Coari
Nickname(s): Cidade do Gás
Coari municipality (red) in Amazonas state
Coari municipality (red) in Amazonas state
Coordinates: 04°05′06″S 63°08′27″W / 4.08500°S 63.14083°W / -4.08500; -63.14083Coordinates: 04°05′06″S 63°08′27″W / 4.08500°S 63.14083°W / -4.08500; -63.14083
Country  Brazil
Region North
State Amazonas
 • Mayor Manoel Adail Amaral Pinheiro (PRP)
 • Municipality 57,921.646 km2 (22,363.673 sq mi)
Elevation 40 m (120 ft)
Population (2014)
 • Density 1.334/km2 (3.46/sq mi)
 • Metro 82,209
Time zone AST(UTC-4 (UTC-4)
 • Summer (DST) DST no longer used (UTC-4)
ZIP code 69460-000

Coari (Choary) is a Brazilian municipality in the Amazon region.


The municipal seat of Coari is one of the largest cities of the Amazonas state. It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Coari. The area has reserves of oil and natural gas. Coari is served by Coari Airport located 6 km from downtown Coari. Porto Urucu Airport located in the district of Porto Urucu 470 km away serves the population residing and working for Petrobras.


The municipality contains part of the Amanã Sustainable Development Reserve.[1] It contains a small portion of the 1,008,167 hectares (2,491,230 acres) Piagaçu-Purus Sustainable Development Reserve, established in 2003.[2] The municipality contains 66.15% of the 217,486 hectares (537,420 acres) Catuá-Ipixuna Extractive Reserve, established in 2003 as the first extractive reserve in the state of Amazonas.[3]


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