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Cocoricó is a Brazilian children's puppet show aired on TV Cultura and TV Rá-Tim-Bum.The story features Júlio, a boy who lives on a farm and interacts with his animal friends. The show has first aired in April 8, 1996.


The world of Cocoricó centres about the exploits of Julio, an eight-year boy who lives on a farm. Hailing from a typically urban environment, Julio quickly takes a liking to the country life after spending his school holidays with his grandparents, at which point he decides to stay with them. During the course of every episode Julio interacts with the farm animals (and, from later seasons on, he would also strike up conversation with other human characters, absent from the earlier episodes) about common subjects of everyday life, such as giving presents to others, behaving well, being patient etc., all with an educational bent. Some mischievous characters Dito e Feito would on occasion pull some pranks, providing for the episode's plot.[1]


In 2012 the puppet show was performed live in the Camillo de Jesus Lima Culture Center.[2]

Heavy metal performer Andreas Kisser appeared as part of the April 15, 2013 episode.[3]

Main Characters[edit]

  • Júlio The Kid[4]
  • Zazá, The Chicken.
  • Lola, The Chicken.
  • Lilica, The Chicken.
  • Astolfo, The Piglet.
  • Alípio, The Horse.
  • Mimosa, The Cow.
  • Caco, The Larrot.
  • Oriba, an indigenous Brazilian girl.
  • Vovô (Júlio's grandpa)
  • Vovó (Júlio's grandma)
  • João (Júlio's city cousin)
  • Dito & Feito, two undetermined creatures.


Actor Character(s)
Fernando Gomes Julio, Vô (Grandpa), Roto,Rodolfo
Eduardo Alves Lola,João (John), Pato Torquato (Torquato Duck)
Hugo Picchi Alípio, Astolfo, Kiko
Alvaro Petersen Jr. Oriba, Dito, Vó, Esfarrapado
Enrique Serrano Toquinho, Feito, Sapo Martelo (Martelo Toad)
Neusa de Souza Zazá,Caco
Magda Crudelli Lilica, Mimosa, Patavina
Falcon Mantovanni Dorivaldo, Vitória


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