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The Codex Writers' Group (aka "Codex") is an online community of active speculative fiction writers. Codex was created in January 2004.

History and Membership Requirements[edit]

Codex was created in January 2004 by Luc Reid, a member of Orson Scott Card's 2001 Literary Boot Camp.[1] The focus of the group is on writers in the early stages of their careers.[2] The forum uses the phrase 'neo-pro', which they define as "writers who've had at least one professional publication and/or participated in one of the top by-audition-only workshops, but who have not yet sold a great many stories or a number of books.".[3]

Notable Codexians[edit]

The following Codexians have won major awards and/or have books on shelves. A more comprehensive listing of publications by Codex Writers can be found at the Codex Library Website.

  • Steve Bein, author of the "Fated Blades" series [1]
  • John Brown, author of the Dark God series [summer 2009]
  • Aliette de Bodard, author of the Obsidian and Blood books, Nebula and Locus Award winner.
  • Elaine Isaak, author of The Singer's Crown and The Eunuch's Heir
  • James Maxey, author of the Bitterwood series
  • Judson Roberts, author of the Strongbow Saga series
  • Diana Rowland, author of the Demon series (Mark of the Demon [Bantam, June 2009], Blood of the Demon [Bantam, February 2010], Secrets of the Demon [DAW, January 2011]) and the forthcoming White Trash Zombie series [DAW 2011]
  • Ken Scholes, author of The Psalms of Isaak series [Jan 2009]

Codexians whose work has been or will be published in the Writers of the Future anthologies include Stewart C Baker, Steve Bein, Aliette de Bodard, Matt Dovey, Scott Roberts, Eric James Stone, Ken Scholes, Diana Rowland, David Goldman, Michael Livingston, Floris Kleijne, Andrew Gudgel, Lon Prater, William Katz, Brad Beaulieu, Luc Reid, Matt Champine, Tom Pendergrass, Robert Defendi, Joy Marchand (writing as Joy Remy), Matt Rotundo, and Jim Hines.[5]

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