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Coin Master is a free, single-player, casual mobile game created by Moon Active.[1] It was released in 2016 and earned its reputation as one of the most interactive mobile games on the market.[2] It has had over 81 million downloads (as of October 2019). Coin Master is the top-grossing mobile game in the UK (since February 2019) and Germany (since June 2019).[3]


The objective of Coin Master is to win coins to upgrade items in order to build up villages. A fortune is acquired by spinning and winning, attacking another player's village or raiding another player’s fortune. Players advance to the next village once theirs is built, and they continuously get more challenging as the player progresses. Players continue to spin, win and build through over 200 uniquely themed village adventures, such as LA dreams, Buddhist village, Hell's village, etc.[4]


As of October 2019, Coin Master has grossed over $508 million in gross revenue. 85% of Coin Master's net revenue comes from the U.S, the UK and Germany combined - over $260 million from the United States, a dramatic jump in the UK (since February 2019) resulting in $80 million, and Germany close behind with $52 million. Coin Master surpassed Candy Crush Saga as top-grossing game and claimed first place on both the App Store and Google Play store in Great Britain and Ireland.[5]


The commercial version of the app is criticized for targeting children and adolescents leading them in an aggressive way to gambling due to it bypasses federal German law.[6] Coin Master is developed and run by Moon Active Ltd. According to the website OMR, Moon Active earned 280 Million US-Dollar until October 2019.[7][8]

Coin Master is listed as an "adventure game" in the app stores, but uses game mechanics that are borrowed from the slot machine and can be potentially addictive. In order to build their own game villages or attack the villages of other players, users must play on a slot machine that is strongly reminiscent of one-armed bandits. The number of attempts is limited to five per hour, but additional attempts and items can be purchased in loot boxes.[9]

Coin Master is developed and run by an Israel based company called Moon Active. The company has investors from the gambling industry, such as the former CEO of the Gibraltar-based online casino company 888 Holdings, Gigi Levy-Weiss.[10] In his late night show in German pulic TV Jan Böhmermann described in 2019 how Coin Master is marketed to children and adolescents despite corresponding denials, among other things through the child-friendly look of the game and the advertising about popular influencers like Bianca Heinicke ("Bibis Beauty Palace") or Pietro Lombardi. "Coin Masters" level 252 has a gambling hall theme.


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