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Coin Master
Coin Master.png
Developer(s)Moon Active
Publisher(s)Moon Active
Genre(s)Casual mobile game

Coin Master is a free, single-player, casual mobile game created by Israeli studio Moon Active.[1] It has had over 100 million downloads (as of February 2021). Coin Master is the top-grossing mobile game in the UK (since February 2019) and Germany (since June 2019).[2]


The objective of Coin Master is to win coins to upgrade items in order to build up villages.[3]

Coin Master can be found under the 'Adventure Game' category in the app stores, but uses gambling mechanics. In order to build their own game villages or attack the villages of other players, users must spin to win coins. The number of attempts is limited to seven per hour, but additional attempts and items can be purchased in spins.[4] Also, free spins are gifted by Coin Master through links on their social channels and by subscribing to their email newsletter. There are also numerous websites and third-party applications that collect these links to make it easy for players to collect all the free gift rewards.[5]


A fortune is acquired by spinning and winning, attacking another player's village, or raiding another player’s fortune. A maximum of five shields, as well as the pet Rhino, can be used to defend villages. When a player's village is attacked, the game also allows "revenge" so a player can launch a counterattack.


Players advance to the next village once theirs is built. The levels continuously get more challenging as the player progresses.[6] As of September 2022, Coin Master has 452 levels.[7]


Players continue to spin, win and build through close to 432 uniquely themed village adventures, such as LA dreams, Buddhist village, Hell's village, and so on. Other village themes include Magical Forest, Steampunk Land, and Coin Manor.[6] Villages have five items, which can include characters, pets, homes, transportation, and items from nature. To complete a village the player needs coins. Every next village is more expensive than the one before.[8]

Card collection[edit]

The Queen's Throne card may be found on the Brazil Set's town number 167. This is an uncommon card that may be exchanged out for a Joker during gold trade events or won on Viking 10.[citation needed]

An extremely popular feature in the game is the ‘Card Collection’. Players make tremendous efforts to collect and trade cards in hopes of completing card sets, which are used to win sought-after rewards such as spins, pet experience, and more. Chests with collectible cards inside them can also be collected using coins.[9]

Cards differ in value, and some of the rarest ones can be very difficult to find. The most precious cards can be shown off to the player's communities.[10]

There are countless unofficial online social groups of fans from all over the world that are dedicated purely to card trading. Most of the groups can be found on Facebook.[9]


The pig that is placed in all the events and promotion art of the game is the protagonist (tour guide) of Coin Master.[11][3]

Additionally, there are new characters introduced in every village.[12]

The game also features other mythological characters such as wizards, witches, warriors, and queens.[10]


Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino are the 3 pets[13] that are designed to help players collect more coins each in their own unique way. Pets can be raised by obtaining treats for them and raising their XP (experience points) by using XP potions. Foxy gives the player extra coins for a raid up to 107% of player's raid value. Tiger gives the player extra coins for attacks. These extra coins can get up to 410% of the attack value. Rhino protects player's village from attacks. This pet protects up to 70% of the attacks on their village. Additionally, pets need to be kept awake with treats. For each treat they stay awake for 4 hours. They can stay awake for longer periods of time with multiple treats.[3]


Players can gift each friend one Spin every 48 hours, and they can do the same for one. As long as the Spin bar is empty, they can collect up to 100 Spins every day. Gifting Spins to friends won’t decrease the players own inventory, but to collect 100 spins, one needs to have active 100 friends on Facebook.


Coins are being used to repair and build the players village in order to reach the next level. They can earn coins through rewards, raiding other villages, using the slot machine and through events.[14]


Chests are items in the game that contain collectible cards. They come in three different tiers - Wooden, Golden, and Magical.

In chests, players will find different items such as cards, which they can collect. If they complete a card collection they will receive rewards. They can also trade these cards with friends. There are three different tiers of chests; wooden, golden, and magical.

The different chests contain a different number of cards:

Wooden chests: 2 cards

Golden chests: 4 cards

Magical chests: 8 cards

Players can get these chests in different ways. During raids, they can dig them out, but they can also get them as a reward for finishing villages and reaching the next level. It is also possible to buy the chests in the shop of the game using coins.[15]

VIP Status[edit]

VIP is a special status that gives extra benefits to players like extra spins, coins, exclusive events, a private Facebook group, and a permanent player ID. It was rumored that the VIP is given to players who spend a specific amount of money in the game depending on the country they play from but people have accused Moonactive of not being transparent enough with the process.


As of October 2019, Coin Master has grossed over US$508 million in gross revenue. 85% of Coin Master's net revenue comes from the US, the UK and Germany combined - over US$260 million from the United States, a dramatic jump in the UK (since February 2019) resulting in US$80 million, and Germany close behind with US$52 million. Coin Master surpassed Candy Crush Saga as a top-grossing game and claimed first place on both the App Store and Google Play store in the United Kingdom and Ireland.[16][17]

According to the website OMR, Moon Active earned US$280 million until October 2019.[18]

In his late night show on German public TV, Jan Böhmermann voiced his opinion that Coin Master is marketed to children and adolescents despite corresponding denials, among other things such as the child-friendly look of the game and advertising from popular influencers like Pietro Lombardi.[19]


The company has investors from the tech industry, such as Gigi Levy-Weiss, the former CEO of the Gibraltar based online casino company 888 Holdings.[20]


Jennifer Lopez,[21] Khloé Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Scott Disick have featured in advertisements for Coin Master.[22][23][24] Other celebrities who have participated in advertisements for the game are Ben Higgins, Chris Harrison,[25] Rae Sremmurd,[26] Terry Crews, Emily Ratajkowski,[27] Cardi B, Joan Collins, David Schwimmer, Dieter Bohlen, the Spice Girls and Chayanne.


Coin Master was ranked in the top 20 of the acclaimed Top 50 Developers/Top 50 Mobile Game Makers list from, published October 1, 2019.[28] The game has also received countless mentions in industry publications regarding its continuous stance of 1st place in the weekly/monthly roundup lists of Top Grossing games on both the App Store and Google Play in 2019.[29]

Use in scamming[edit]

Coin Master has been used as part of "human verification" scams.[30] As part of the scam, a malicious website prompts the user to "prove they are not a robot" by playing other games or installing applications, with the end goal of receiving in-game currencies.


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