Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola (San Juan)

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Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola -
1940 Calle Sauco, Urb. Santa Maria
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00927
United States
Coordinates 18°22′34″N 66°5′15″W / 18.37611°N 66.08750°W / 18.37611; -66.08750Coordinates: 18°22′34″N 66°5′15″W / 18.37611°N 66.08750°W / 18.37611; -66.08750
Type Private
Religious affiliation(s) Catholic (Jesuit)
Established 1952 (First Graduating Class, 1956)
President Mario Alberto Torres, SJ
Principal Ritmo Aponte
Faculty 83
Grades 7–12
Gender All-Male
Number of students 700+
Language Both English and Spanish language and literature, taught at a native speaker level, are required classes for all students. French language is elective. Non-language courses are taught in Spanish with textbooks in English.
Accreditation Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
Newspaper El Estandarte
Yearbook The Shield

Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola is an all-male, Catholic Jesuit college-preparatory school founded by the Society of Jesus in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1952.[1] Colegio San Ignacio is recognized on the island as having educated some of most influential figures of Puerto Rico, such as Ruben Berrios and Raúl Juliá. It is considered a college prep school as 100% of San Ignacio graduates go on to pursue college degrees, of which around 50% of them pursue their degrees outside of Puerto Rico, mainly in the continental United States. Many of them attend top-ranked colleges and universities. San Ignacio graduates frequently attend prestigious universities, such as: Boston College, Georgia Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Cornell University, Georgetown University, Harvard College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.


The school was originally located in Santurce, but was moved to its current location in Rio Piedras in 1956 by Jesuit priests. Colegio San Ignacio resembles a small university campus as it has several buildings: two identical buildings consisting of classrooms, named San Luis Gonzaga (formerly Building "A") and San Francisco Javier (formerly Building "B") respectively; one building with a resource center on the first floor and a library on the second floor; the Padre Pedro Arrupe Building, which houses classrooms and offices; The cafeteria building; Building "C", which houses the science classrooms and laboratories and a science and math resource center; the Complejo Cultural, a new state-of-the-art humanities building completed in the year 2004 which houses English, Spanish, Music, Drama and Oratory classrooms and an Auditorium, and; The administrative building, which houses the most of the administrative staff.

Notable Alumni[edit]


Arts, Education and Publicity[edit]

Science and Medicine[edit]

  • Reinaldo Rampolla-Selles, Class of 1992, Medical Co-Director and Transplant Pulmonologist for Oschner Medical Center, Transplant Services in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • [Lic. Ramón J. Vilar Rovira] Calse de 1963 (The Boy with the Golden Legs) - Administrador Hospital Municipal de SanJuan 1969 a 1977 Hospital Damas de Ponce 1977 - 1983, San Cristobal Ponce 1983 - 1990, Hospital Wilma N. Vazquez Vega Baja hasta el presente.



  • David Vega Orriola, Class of 1995, President of PRWCS CORP. (IT Consulting) in Bayamon, PR

School Mission[edit]

"To offer a catholic education of excellence, pursuant to the Jesuit tradition, to young men, without any distinctions, that show aptitude, motivation and their families' support, and in this way, help our society and announce the Kingdom of God."

School Anthem[edit]

León de mi escudo/ marcial y rampante/ levanta los ojos/ y alumbra el sendero/ que brinda la vida/ tu pecho guerrero/ y avanza con paso/ triunfal adelante. Ya tensas tu cuerpo/ de recio granito/ tu firme pisada/ levanta en la tierra/ redobles con ritmo/ de marcha de guerra/ que canta rugiente/ el clarín de tu grito. Indomito lucha/ ¿quién puede arredarte?/ Verás que a tu paso/ por ambas orillas/ el fiero enemigo/ caerá de rodillas/ al brillo que irradia/ tu regio estandarte. León de mi escudo/marcial y rampante/levanta los ojos/y alumbra el sendero/que brinda la vida/tu pecho guerrero/y avanza con paso/triunfal adelante!


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