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Colombo Dockyard PLC
Public limited company
Traded as CSEDOCK.N0000
Industry Defence, Shipbuilding, Engineering
Founded August 1, 1974; 42 years ago (1974-08-01)
Headquarters Colombo, Colombo District, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Area served
Key people
Toru Takehara (Chairman)[1]
Ranil Wijegunawardane (CEO)[2]
Products Patrol Boats, Landing crafts, Merchant vessels, Platform supply vessels, Tugboats
Owner Onomichi Dockyard
Subsidiaries Dockyard General Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd
Ceylon Shipping Agency (Pte) Ltd

Colombo Dockyard PLC (CDPLC) is the largest and oldest ship building company in Sri Lanka and is based in Colombo. It has built both military and civilian vessels for both local and overseas clients.


Colombo Dockyard established its operations in 1974 and is now Sri Lanka’s largest engineering facility in the business of ship repair, shipbuilding, heavy engineering and offshore engineering. It is situated within the Port of Colombo.[3] It also has the benefits of a deep water harbour.

Colombo Dockyard has been continuously expanding its infrastructure facilities to meet with the ever-changing market requirement.

Facilities and operation[edit]

Greatship Anjali built by Colombo Dockyard
Lakshadweep built by Colombo Dockyard

Colombo Dockyard operates four graving drydocks, the largest with a capacity of 125,000 tonnes deadweight (DWT) as well as extensive repair berth facilities. Colombo Dockyard is capable of working in compliance with all Classification Society Standards and in strict adherence to international Safety and Quality Standards. It is also accredited with the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Certification by LRQA, UK.[citation needed]

Colombo Dockyard operates in joint collaboration with Onomichi Dockyard Co. Ltd., Japan since 1993. Twenty year anniversary marking the successful collaboration with Onomichi Dockyard Co. Ltd. was celebrated on March 26, 2013.

Former Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors[edit]

Classes built[edit]

  • Jayasagara class patrol craft
  • Fisheries Protection Vessel
  • Colombo class
  • Coastal surveillance vessel
  • Fire fighting vessel
  • 29 M Landing Craft
  • Fast Landing Craft
  • 35&40 Meter Fisheries Protection Vessel
  • 65 Ton Bollard Pull Tug
  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (80 Ton Bollard Pull)
  • Passenger Vessels (250 Passengers)
  • Passenger Vessels (400 Passengers)
  • Multipurpose Platform Supply Vessel
  • Fast Patrol Vessel
  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (130 Ton Bollard Pull)


Military clients[edit]

International Clients[edit]


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