Comilla Cadet College

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Comilla Cadet College
কুমিল্লা ক্যাডেট কলেজ
Comilla Cadet College-Academic Block-1.jpg
Comilla University Road, Kotbari
Comilla Sadar Dakshin Upazila
Coordinates 23°25′47″N 91°08′03″E / 23.4297°N 91.1341°E / 23.4297; 91.1341Coordinates: 23°25′47″N 91°08′03″E / 23.4297°N 91.1341°E / 23.4297; 91.1341
Type Cadet college
Motto Knowledge is Light
Established 1 July 1983 (1983-07-01)
Opened 1984
Principal Group Captain Mahmud Mehedi Hussain, psc[1]
Grades 7 to 12
Gender Boys
Campus size 52 acres (21 ha)

Comilla Cadet College (CCC) is a residential military high school in Comilla, Bangladesh, for boys in grades 7 to 12. Several times in recent years it has placed among the top ten schools in its region in terms of student performance.


Comilla Cadet College (CCC) was created on 1 July 1983 by converting Comilla Residential Model School, a government boarding school that had been established on the site in 1966.[2][3][4] CCC formally opened on 7 April 1984 under founding principal Lt. Col. Nurul Anwar, with 150 cadets in three intakes. In the months that followed, three more intakes brought it to full enrollment.[2]


The campus is located on 52 acres (21 ha) in Kotbari, Comilla, about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) southwest of the city center. It is near the Buddhist archaeological site Shalban Vihara, Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), and Comilla University.[1][2]

CCC is a residential school, so its buildings include cadet dormitories and staff quarters.[1]


Cadet colleges are under the control of the Ministry of Defence. CCC is a school for boys. Admission starts from seventh grade. At the end of tenth grade, cadets sit the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination. Those who pass have the option of continuing into eleventh and twelfth grades.[3]

Students take their SSC and Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC) examinations under the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Comilla. Of the schools under this board, CCC placed among the top ten in terms of SSC and/or HSC results in 2010, 2013, and 2014.[5][6][7][8]

Notable alumni[edit]

Alumni association[edit]

The Association of Comilla Old Cadets (ACOC) was established in 1986 by ex-cadets of the first intake.[2]


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