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The Cornish Studies Library is located in the The Cornwall Centre (Cornish: Kresenn Kernow), Redruth, Cornwall, England, UK.[1] It is Cornwall's largest library of Cornish printed and published archival material.[citation needed] It contains a wide range of resources for everyday use and academic research.[2]

The Cornwall Centre, Redruth

It is located at Alma Place in Redruth.[1][2] Collections include books, maps, newspapers, journals, postal and trade directories, audio and video material, with a large number of Cornish newspapers and census records being available to view on microfilm.[3] Some information on Cornwall for visitors to the region is available in the atrium; however, it is not a fully staffed Tourist Information Centre.[citation needed]

Because the Cornish Studies Library has outgrown the Alma Place site, it will move to a new, purpose-built archive centre.[1][4] Along with the library, the new centre will house the Cornwall Record Office and the Cornwall and Scilly Historic Environment Record, and it will preserve the Redruth Brewery building (part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site).[4] When construction began in November 2016, the new facility was expected to open in late 2018.[4]


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