Corso, Boumerdès

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Corso, Boumerdés


Tizi Naïth Aïcha and ⵜⵉⵣⵉ ⵏ ⴰⵜⵀ ⴰ̆ⵉⵛⴰ
Commune and town
DZ 35 Corso.svg
Corso, Boumerdés is located in Algeria
Corso, Boumerdés
Corso, Boumerdés
Coordinates: 36°45′23″N 3°26′00″E / 36.756500°N 3.43333°E / 36.756500; 3.43333
Country Algeria
ProvinceBoumerdès Province
DistrictBoumerdès District
 • Total8.65 sq mi (22.41 km2)
 • Total20,705
 • Density2,390/sq mi (924/km2)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
Area code(s)3519

Corso (قورصو in Arabic, Tizi Naïth Aïcha in Kabyle, transcribed ⵜⵉⵣⵉ ⵏ ⴰⵜⵀ ⴰ̆ⵉⵛⴰ in Tifinagh, Corso during the French colonization), Boumerdés is a town and commune in Boumerdès Province, Algeria located 25 km east of Algiers. According to the 2008 census, this town has a population of 20,705.[1]


The municipality is composed of two main cities, the city of Corso (chief town), and the agglomeration of Berrahmoune and several secondary agglomerations like Traykia, Haouch Mahfoud Ben Abdelkader, and Ouled Ben Bakhta.


The wilaya of Boumerdès represents an archaeological treasure thanks to the multitude of the historical sites which shelters its vast area of 1,456.16 km².

Several centers of population were built during more than 20 centuries on these medium altitude grounds that form the current Lower Kabylie whose city of Boumerdès is the current chief town.

The mausoleum of Blad Guitoun in the commune of Si Mustapha is an example of the archaeological sites that were still visible in Lower Kabylia at the beginning of the French colonization in 1837.

The Bénian NTAA Soumaa in the town of Thenia is another archaeological site that was wonderfully preserved until the middle of the sixth century.

The Berber populations who lived around these archaeological sites before the French colonization preserved this cultural heritage and identity.

The location of these archaeological sites on the banks of Oued Isser and Oued Sébaou as well as on the Mediterranean coast makes it possible to classify the wilaya of Boumerdès among the rich archaeological niches in Algeria.

During the past centuries, the various floods of the Oued Isser and the Oued Sébaou, among other wadis of Basse Kabylie, have caused the overflow of these rivers to have buried the Numidian cities under the silt and the mud carried by the torrents.

With a depth of about 3 meters, there have been several discoveries in the wilaya of Boumerdès including many remains and archaeological sites which were unearthed in 2009.

In the village of Beni H'mida in the town of Legata, remnants of a statue were found alongside flat metal, pottery relics and human bones.

At Ouriacha village in the commune of Naciria (Laâziv Zaâmoum), a jug containing more than 900 silver coins engraved in the name of Bolokin Abderrahmane was discovered.

In the village of Titouna in Souk El Had, a polished chest-shaped stone engraved on its front face with a metalwork scene was also discovered 3 meters below ground during construction work, and filed at the wilayale direction of culture in Boumerdes.


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