Courageous (yacht)

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Yacht club  New York Yacht Club
Nation  United States
Class 12-metre
Sail no US–26
Designer(s) Olin J. Stephens & David Pedrick
Builder Minneford's Yacht Yards
City Island, New York, USA
Launched June 1974[1]
Owner(s) Courageous Syndicate (1974)
King's Point Fund, Inc. (1977)
Racing career
Skippers Ted Hood (1974)
Ted Turner (1977)
Notable victories 1974 America's Cup
1977 America's Cup
America's Cup 1974
Displacement 25.450 tons
Length 20.10 m (65.9 ft) (LOA)
13.60 m (44.6 ft) (LWL)
Beam 3.73 m (12.2 ft)
Draft 2.73 m (9.0 ft)
Crew Crew of 11

Courageous is a 12-metre class yacht. She was the third boat to win the America's Cup twice, in 1974 and 1977, after Columbia in 1899 and 1901, and Intrepid in 1967 and 1970. All three of these boats won for the New York Yacht Club and thus the United States. Courageous was the first all aluminum-hulled 12-metre class yacht.[1]

Courageous successfully defended the America's Cup in 1974 for the USA with Ted Hood at the helm. After the 1974 cup, Hood built a new boat, Independence, which he thought was faster than Courageous, and sold Courageous to Ted Turner. Turner won the 1977 America's Cup defender trials in Courageous, beating Hood in the process, and then went on to successfully defend the America's Cup against Australia later that year.[1]

When preparing Courageous for the 1977 America's Cup, she was re-measured for compliance with the 12-metre class rule. It was discovered that she was lighter than the weight declared in her original racing certificate for the 1974 America's Cup. Less weight typically means a faster performance in lighter winds and a slower performance in stronger winds. If Courageous had been found to be under weight before the competition in 1974 then the designers would have had to make adjustments to sail area, the waterline length, or other attributes to make the design comply with the 12-metre rule. If Courageous was found to be underweight during the event she would have been disqualified. It is only conjecture what effect this oversight had on the result of the 1974 event.

Both Courageous and Intrepid are still sailing and racing today in Newport, Rhode Island. Intrepid is available for charter and Courageous is privately owned.

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