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The following is a list of the cast and characters from the NBC television series Grimm.

Main characters[edit]

Actor Character Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 5
David Giuntoli Nicholas "Nick" Burkhardt Main
Russell Hornsby Hank Griffin Main
Bitsie Tulloch Juliette Silverton / Eve Main
Silas Weir Mitchell Monroe Main
Sasha Roiz Captain Sean Renard Main
Reggie Lee Sergeant Drew Wu Main
Bree Turner Rosalee Calvert Recurring Main
Claire Coffee Adalind Schade Recurring Main

Nick Burkhardt[edit]

Nicholas Burkhardt (played by David Giuntoli) is the show's protagonist and titular Grimm. Nick is a homicide detective who discovers he is descended from a line of Grimms, hunters who fight supernatural forces. Even before his abilities manifested, Nick had an exceptional ability to make quick and accurate deductions about the motivations and pasts of individuals, which has now expressed itself as his ability to perceive the supernatural that nobody else can see. Nick had wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Juliette, for a while, although he felt that he would have to tell her about his life as a Grimm beforehand.

Throughout the first season, Nick struggles to maintain balance with his normal life and his Grimm life, both tending to cross when he works cases that involve Wesen, the creatures of the Grimm world. As Nick dives deeper into his Grimm heritage, he begins to train with Monroe to use the weapons that his aunt Marie left behind, as well as increase his knowledge of the Wesen that are present in Portland. As of episode 19, Nick has successfully killed three Reapers, creatures sent out to kill Grimms (hence the Grimm Reaper title). He killed the first in defense of Marie, and the other two were killed in self-defense when they were sent to kill him by his lead suspect in a case. The latter two had their heads cut off and sent back home (with a note saying to send the best next time). In the season finale, Nick's worries about the scratch Juliette received from Adalind's cat forced him to reveal his Grimm heritage to her, causing Juliette to believe he has gone crazy. When bringing her to the trailer was not enough to convince her, they go to Monroe's house so that Nick can show her his Blutbad form, though before Monroe could show her, Juliette collapsed and was brought to the hospital. Rosalee discovers that Juliette is going through memory loss, and when Juliette wakes up it is revealed that the only thing she has forgotten is Nick.

Nick, after believing for eighteen years that both of his parents died in a car crash, discovers in the first episode of season two that his mother is alive and well, but he is still unaware of her true motives and full agenda. At the end of season three, Nick's Grimm powers are removed by Adalind as a result of sleeping with her when she disguised herself as Juliette, but he regains his powers in "Highway Of Tears".

Nick later learns that Adalind is pregnant with his child, which was revealed to be a boy and after Adalind gave birth to his son, she named him "Kelly" after his mother Kelly. At the beginning of Season 5, Nick and the group become involved in a secret war between Hadrian's Wall or HW for short, a secret government organization that Trubel and Meisner is a part of, and Black Claw, a worldwide Wesen revolutionary group. As a precaution, Nick sells his home and buys a fortified loft to better protect Adalind and Kelly with the added fact that no-one knows where they are. During this time, Nick shows to be a devoted father to Kelly and he and Adalind grow closer together as they raise Kelly together. At the end of Episode 94, Nick is shocked to learn that Juliette survived, now working for HW under the new persona of Eve. In episode 98, Nick comes into contact with Monroe's uncle and after avenging his murder, Nick acquires twenty new Grimm books, a new cache of weapons and three more Map keys, all together figuring out the location of the Templar's hidden treasure. In episode 99 and 100, Nick and Monroe travel to Germany to find this treasure. the group discovers the treasure is a stick of wood with mystical healing properties. During their battle against Black Claw, Nick becomes aware that Renard is working with Black Claw to become Mayor and may use Diana to get to Adalind. By this time, Rosalee reveals that Adalind's hexenbiest powers has returned while he was in Germany, but elects to keep her secret until Adalind herself reveals her secret to him. After Adalind is forced by Renard, Black Claw leader, Bonaparte and unknowingly Diana, to take Kelly and leave Nick, he becomes distraught over losing his son and lover and fights hard to get them back, which culminates to a vicious fight between him and Renard at the police station and he is arrested for assaulting Renard. After being set free by Eve, Trubel and Wu, Nick receives a warning from Diana that Black Claw was coming for them and Nick leads them into an underground tunnel underneath his loft while he stayed behind to deal with his attackers. Despite overwhelming numbers and the stick's healing powers, Nick killed all of the assailants before being confronted with Renard and Bonaparte. Before Bonaparte can kill Nick, Diana, who learned Bonaparte tortured Adalind to give up their location, took control of Renard and killed him in retaliation, leaving Nick and Renard shocked by what happened.

Hank Griffin[edit]

Hank Griffin (played by Russell Hornsby) is Nick's homicide partner who, like Juliette, was not aware that Nick is a Grimm until Season 2. He is somewhat sarcastic at times, and has gone through at least four marriages by the time the series begins, but is nevertheless still Nick's best friend in the human world. Throughout the season, Hank starts to notice the strange occurrences that have been happening in Portland, and even in some of the cases he works on them with Nick. He was even used by Adalind to get closer to Nick, by consuming a "love sick" potion that caused him to develop obsessive behavior towards her. In episode 21 (Season 1, Episode 21), he accidentally runs into a transformed Monroe, who was leading search dogs away from his friend. Combined with seeing their dead suspect change back into human form from an experimental drug, Hank begins to have nightmares and heightened paranoia when he is home, and is even seen falling asleep with a firearm. In episode 25 (Season 2, Episode 3) in "Bad Moon Rising", Hank starts to doubt whether he can continue police work given his state of mind.

When searching for the missing daughter of an old friend from high school, Hank learns his old friend is a Coyotl and Nick is a Grimm. After all is said and done, Hank tells Nick that he is comfortable now knowing the truth, reflecting that, while he may be crazy, at least there is someone else who is crazy as well. After this, Hank becomes increasingly invested in the Wesen world, even participating with Nick on Hunts to stop enemy Wesen. In Season 3, when Wu first encounters the Wesen world, Hank was the first to support the decision of bring Wu in before develops the very same problems he had to deal with. In season 4, after Nick lost his Grimm powers, they both relied on Trubel, another Grimm that Nick had been mentoring, to help with Wesen-related cases until Nick got his powers back. In Episode 75, both he and Nick recruit Wu into their group, revealing the existence of Wesen to him and also related to Wu in terms of dealing with them, having been in the same position himself. However, in episode 16, Nick confided in Hank that as a side effect of regaining his powers, Juliette had become a Hexenbiest and was becoming increasingly volatile. In Season 5, Hank becomes involved with Hadrian's Wall, a secret Government organization fighting against a worldwide Wesen revolutionary group called Black Claw. He soon starts a relationship with his former physical therapist, Zuri, who was also Wesen, only to be betrayed by the fact she was working with Black Claw.

Juliette Silverton/Eve[edit]

Juliette Silverton (Season 1-4) - Eve (Season 5 - present) - (played by Bitsie Tulloch) is Nick's girlfriend who works as a veterinarian. She spent much of her childhood in Spain with her grandmother, and as a result is fluent in Castilian Spanish (though, her spoken accent is similar to that found in Latin America). Although Marie suggested that Nick should leave Juliette for her safety, Nick has decided to stay with her. He postponed his original plans to propose to her while he explores his new life as a Grimm. However, in episode 16 (Season 1, Episode 16), Nick decided to propose to Juliette, only for her to turn him down due to her feeling as though he is hiding something from her. In episode 22 (Season 1, Episode 22), Juliette suffers a scratch while treating Adalind Schade's cat. When Nick reacts with horror, Juliette demands he tell her what's going on. Nick tries to explain by bring her to the trailer and then to Monroe, but Juliette falls unconscious and is taken to the hospital where she awakens with black eyes, her fate uncertain.

She eventually awakens from her coma with a little help from a liquid made by Rosalee used as eye drops (made to try to stop any progressing memory loss, but not to actually wake her), and a potion prepared for and delivered by Renard. Unfortunately due to a spell, while she remembers everything else about her life, all memories of Nick specifically have been erased (to the point that she can remember Monroe despite having only met him through Nick). She has also begun to develop an unusual attraction to Captain Renard due to his role in awakening her, but fights this attraction due to her complicated relationship with Nick. She drinks a potion with Captain Renard and Nick that is supposed to break the compulsive attraction to the captain. The compulsion is broken and but she starts hallucinating sounds and images, such as envisioning that the floor of her house had collapsed. She thinks she's going crazy, but is really regaining her memories of Nick. In "One Angry Fuchsbau" she begins seeing very clear visions of Nick, many copies all talking at once. It appears she is being overwhelmed by the recovering memories. To help her, she contacts the Mexican woman she met in "La Llorona". She tells Juliette to concentrate in a single memory at a time to completely remember them. In "Kiss of the Muse", she returns to the trailer by herself and remembers what Nick told her the first night she went there. In "The Waking Dead", Juliette convinces Monroe to reveal to her the truth of Grimms and the Wesen world, with Rosalee, Bud and Monroe wogeing in front of her to reveal the truth. From that point on, she starts to become increasingly interested in Nick's Grimm activities, even joining him and his allies in fighting zombies, later assisting Nick in finding the cure for a rare disease that gives humans a Wesen-like appearance.

She became a hexenbiest after using a spell to sleep with Nick to give him back his Grimm Powers, which has led to drastic changes in her personality, causing her to become far colder and less empathetic, started fighting with everyone she comes across with, and develop an enthusiastic enjoyment of the powers she now possesses. She begins working for the Royals after learning Adalind had become pregnant with Nick's child, torching Nick's trailer and luring his mother into a trap so the Royals could take Diana. She was later killed by Trubel with a crossbow in the Season Four finale, "Cry Havoc", after trying to kill Nick.

However, Hadrian's Wall saved her life, broke her down to nothing and then rebuilt her as an emotionally distant assassin called Eve. Having conquered her rage and properly practiced her powers, Eve becomes incredibly powerful, able to kill twenty Black Claw members by herself.[1] She goes to any extreme to complete her missions, such as assassinate a known Black claw organizer in a crowded restaurant to breathing in a potion to transform herself into Renard to learn of their leaders. However, Eve still has remnants of Juliette's personality as she is drawn to Nick due to their past and threatens Adalind if attempts to hurt Nick. In the season 5 finale, Eve was gravely injured by Black Claw leader, Bonaparte, who was a powerful Zauberbiest in his own right. When Nick saved her with the Templar treasure (a wooden stick with healing properties), she suffered a seizure and upon awakening, was very emotional and confused, leading Nick to wonder if Juliette had returned.


Monroe (played by Silas Weir Mitchell) is a creature of the Grimm World called Wieder Blutbad who aids Nick with his cases. He becomes a good friend of Nick's, even though he has some issues with Grimms since a Grimm killed his grandfather (although he acknowledges that the ancestor deserved it for butchering a village). Monroe at first did not know that there were any more Grimms left until he meets Nick. In the first season Monroe is attacked by the Reapers for assisting Nick in his cases. Nick tells Monroe that he won't ask for his help any more, but Monroe resolves to still help Nick, stating that he enjoys helping Nick disrupt the 'status quo' despite his occasional dissatisfaction with the demands Nick places on him. Monroe is knowledgeable about the supernatural creatures that Nick goes up against, serving as Nick's direct source of insight and information into the supernatural community whenever the second-hand knowledge that Nick acquires from his ancestors' books is inadequate, as well as assisting Nick when cases require Nick to rely on someone who knows about the threats he faces. He also helps Nick make contact with creatures that would avoid Nick due to his status as a Grimm.

In episode 21 (Season 1, Episode 21), when Monroe's friend was injured and suffering from the side effects of an experimental drug, he takes his friend's jacket and make the search dogs chase him. While being chased in the forest, he is surrounded by the search dogs and transforms into his Blutbad form to scare them off, but runs into Hank when he heads back to his house. Because he "allowed" his changed form to be seen by normal beings, Hank was able to see it before he runs off. In the season finale, Nick brings Juliette over to Monroe's place so that he can change in front of her, to prove his Grimm heritage, but before Monroe could "allow" himself to be seen by her, Juliette collapses from the scratch made by Adalind's cat.

Monroe is now exploring a relationship with Rosalee, although they are taking their time due to their pre-existing friendship. While running the Spice Shop, Monroe comes into contact with Sean Renard who is complaining of obsessive behavior. Monroe says he can make the compulsions go away, but he needs both Sean and the person he is obsessed with together. In Season 2 Episode 11, he discovers that the obsession Sean has been fighting is for Juliette, which puts him in a very difficult and awkward situation. He and Rosalee help Juliette and Captain Renard break the bond between them. In Season 3 "A Dish Best Served Cold," Monroe asks Rosalee to move in with him and she does so in the next episode "One Night Stand." In the finale of season 3, Monroe and Rosalee get married.

In season 4, an old medieval wesen group whose goal is to keep wesen pure (no hybridization or inter-wesen marriages) capture Monroe and attempt to kill him for his "crimes." He is later freed with the help of Nick and Rosalee, among others. In Season 5, Monroe is drawn the war between Hadrian's wall and Black Claw but also becomes worried for Rosalee when her ex-boyfriend Tony begins reaching out to her. The battle becomes personal for him when his uncle, who had recently acquired a large amount of Grimm Books for Nick, was murdered by Black Claw. Upon learning the location of the Templar's treasure, Monroe and Nick travel to Germany to find it but during the process, Monroe was bitten and his wound became infected by the time they got back. The treasure was a piece of wood that somehow managed to heal Monroe's wound, indicating it had mystical healing abilities. In the last two episodes of Season 5, Monroe comes face-to-face with Tony when they discover he was a member of Black Claw and needed information to rescue Hank. Upon escaping Black Claws clutches, Rosalee reveals she is pregnant with his child, to his delight.

His last name has not been stated so far but a phone call from his parents where they called him Monroe would seem to indicate it is his first name. The Season 1 boxset features however stated Monroe's name as 'Eddie Monroe', though actor Silas Weir Mitchell has since dismissed this as Monroe's full name.[2]

Sean Renard[edit]

Sean Renard (played by Sasha Roiz) is a police captain who is Nick's politically adept superior officer, and a member of the creature community, a human-creature hybrid with magical abilities called Zauberbiest (male form of Hexenbiest), a fact of which Nick was unaware during the first season. In episode 12, he is addressed as Your Highness, further implying that he belongs to royalty in the creature community. He is a prince connected to Royal Blood. He also references my canton, implying a leadership role, which is further shown when he appears to police and protect Wesen engaging in illicit acts. In episode 24 (Season 2, Episode 2), he consumed a potion to make him pure of heart so that he could wake Juliette, wanting to keep her active so that he could ensure Nick's continued presence in his city. In episode 30 (Season 2, Episode 8), his brother, Eric, mentioned to Adalind that Sean Renard's mother was a Hexenbiest and that he is only half of a royal (one reason why Catherine Schade referred to him as a bastard). As a result of his illegitimate status, he and his mother were forced to flee from Europe for their lives. As a result, he considers himself independent of the Royal Families and is a known ally of the Resistance against them. He developed a complicated attraction to Juliette due to his role in awakening her from the coma, but attempts to resist it. He, Nick and Juliette all drink a potion mixed by Rosalee that breaks the connection that was formed when he woke Juliette from the coma.

Since the revelation of his heritage, Sean has been more open with Nick about Grimm-related cases, also admitting his own distance from his family and preference for Nick over them. He is the father of Adalind's daughter Diana, who has unique powers.

During Season 4, he experiences strange moments of unexplained bleeding after his mother saves his life using an ancient spell, which is revealed at the conclusion of the season to be the result of him being "possessed" by the spirit of Jack the Ripper - who was apparently a killer of Wesen in life - until the rest of the team are able to "exorcise" Jack from his body.

Drew Wu[edit]

Drew Wu (played by Reggie Lee) is a police sergeant who works with Nick and Hank; he tends to do the "grunt work" for them, running down facts and information. He is often sarcastic and has a dry sense of humor.

In episode 15 (Season 1, Episode 15), when Adalind gives Hank some Zaubertrank (love potion) cookies as part of her revenge plot against Nick, Wu steals and eats one unknowing of its contents. Since the Zaubertrank was not created for him, it caused adverse effects. Nick advised him to visit the spice shop, but as he arrived he passed out and his face breaks out in lesions. Fortunately Rosalee has seen this effect before, and manages to quickly create a potion to cure him. The cure causes Wu to have brief hallucinations of everyone's faces melting, but is ultimately a success.

Though cured of the welts and sickness, Wu is left with a lasting effect of the Zaubertrank - trying to ingest things that were inedible, such as paper clips and coins. Two episodes later, in episode 17 (Season 1, Episode 17) Rosalee creates another potion which clears the last of the Zaubertrank effects, no after effects are shown and he has no memory of what he had been doing.

In episode 58 (Season 3, Episode 14) he becomes traumatized by a Wesen called the Aswang he witnesses in trying to protect his childhood friend Dana. As a child, his Grandmother used to tell him stories of the Aswang, which scared him. After he witnesses the Aswang he has flashbacks to his Grandmother's storytelling. The Aswang is also part Filipino folklore in real life. The trauma caused by what he saw has Wu check himself into a Psychiatric hospital. Later, Juliette visits him and confides in Wu her experiences of regaining her memories. She tells him she thought she was going crazy and seeing ghosts and when Wu asks how she got over thinking it was real, she tells him that it didn't matter if it was real, what mattered was losing her fear of it. Ultimately this makes a big impact on Wu and he later feels well enough to check out of the hospital.

However, in episode 74 (Season 4, Episode 8) he was told by Nick that Wesen are real, which puts him on edge, and eventually leaves him in a state of shock. After going to a bar in episode 75 (Season 4, Episode 9) and causing a disturbance due to his heightened fear, Nick & Hank release him in order to take him to the trailer which leads Wu to learn that Nick is a Grimm. After saving Monroe's life, Wu becomes increasingly fascinated with the Wesen world and accurately deduces whenever a case has Wesen-like qualities.

In Season 5, after being scratched by a Lycanthrope (a blutbad with a genetic disease), he begins exhibiting night sweats, joint pains and strange dreams until in a heightened emotional state, he transformed into a Neanderthal-like version of himself with enhanced strength and Wesen-like ferocity. At first, he blacks out and fails to recall his lost time when he transforms. Upon learning of his condition, Wu demonstrates greater control over his primal form, becoming self-aware and is able to distinguish friend from foe.

Rosalee Calvert[edit]

Rosalee Calvert (played by Bree Turner) is a fox-like creature called Fuchsbau and the sister of Freddie, proprietor of the herb shop used as a front for the Geier organ trafficking business seen in "Organ Grinder." After Freddie's death in "Island of Dreams," Rosalee comes to Portland to sort out her brother's affairs and decides to stick around. Prior to her arrival in Portland she spent her earlier years trying to follow up her parents' profession as an apothecary, but didn't like the job, in spite of her aptitude for it. She became hooked on a highly addictive Wesen-oriented drug street-named 'J' and left Portland to get clean. After deciding to keep her brother's shop running, Rosalee assists Nick and Monroe in their efforts by providing additional information and remedies to supernatural problems.

Rosalee shares a powerful connection with Monroe. In "Quill," they go on their first date and share their first kiss, after which Rosalee uncharacteristically attempts to seduce Monroe. This seduction attempt turns out to be the manifestation of a common symptom from the Wesen virus Rosalee had been exposed to during their date. After being cured, Rosalee and Monroe agree that the attraction between them was real, but decide to take it slow before becoming intimate with each other. She was first seen in episode 15 (Season 1, Episode 15). In Season 3 "A Dish Best Served Cold," Monroe asks Rosalee to move in with him and she does so in the next episode "One Night Stand." In episode 56, Monroe proposes to her and she accepts, but this is met with frosty reception from his parents who were very traditional about inter-species marriages, but they have since mended bridges with them.

The two of them marry at the end of season 3, but throughout half of Season 4, they stalked and ridiculed by a Wesen purity group called Wesenrein. After learning Juliette's new status as a Hexenbiest, Rosalee tried to reach out to her unsuccessfully and does not giving up in searching for a way to save her, but changes her mind after Juliette almost killed Monroe. In season 5, she and the group get involved in a war between Hadrian's wall and Black Claw, all the while, a former boyfriend from her past has been reaching out to her. Rosalee soon becomes friends with Adalind after the birth of her son, Kelly. In Episode 100, her old boyfriend, Tony appears, asking Rosalee for money and assaults her when she refuses. Rosalee also witnessed Adalind's powers returning to defend herself from Tony and encourages her to tell Nick. However, upon learning she didn't, Rosalee admitted to Nick about Adalind's powers returning, but encourages him to let Adalind tell him in her own time for the sake of their relationship.

In the season 5 finale, Rosalee reveals to Monroe that she is pregnant with their first child. In season 6, she finds out she is having triplets.

Adalind Schade[edit]

Adalind Schade (played by Claire Coffee) is a witch-like creature called Hexenbiest who during Season 1 seemed to be working for Renard, who gave her various tasks involving the supernatural world. In Season 1, Episode 17, after ingesting Nick's blood, she becomes a completely normal human. Renard tells her that she is no longer useful to him since she is no longer a Wesen. Although not a true Hexenbiest anymore, Adalind retains her knowledge and skill with potions; Nick now describes her as a witch. In Season 1, Episode 22, she poisons Juliette by having a poisoned (or magicked) cat scratch her. Although Monroe and Rosalee are able to retrieve the cat, Nick finds that Adalind has vanished.

Sometime later, Adalind resurfaced in Vienna to rendezvous with Eric Renard. After she had sexual relationship with Sean Renard and Eric Renard, she became pregnant with the child of one of them - of which is unspecified - then attempted to bargain with the royal families for the return of her Hexenbiest powers in return for the child, threatening to terminate the pregnancy if they do not do so.

In Season 3, Episode 14, her powers have returned after giving birth to a daughter whom she named Diana; and she becomes a Hexenbiest again. She was promoted to the Main Cast midway through Season 2. Later, after beginning her search for her missing child, she discovers that she's pregnant with Nick's child, which was revealed to be a boy, after seducing him into losing his Grimm powers, but lied to The Royals and said the child was Viktor's. Prince Kenneth uncovers the truth after informing her that Viktor is sterile. When he decides to lure Juliette into working for him to find Diana, Adalind goes to Nick and tells him the truth about his child. Later, she tests a potion meant for Juliette to suppress the Hexenbiest within her by drinking it, which in turn suppresses her own powers. Later, after having complications from giving birth to her son from c-section, she named him "Kelly" after Nick's late mother Kelly, who died protecting her daughter Diana.

She becomes a lot more compassionate after the birth of her son, even admitting to Rosalee that she didn't want to be a Hexenbiest anymore because she didn't want the relationship between her as a Hexenbiest and Nick as a Grimm to affect Kelly. As she and Nick are living together to raise Kelly as a family, Adalind and Nick let go of past animosities and develop romantic feelings for one another. In episode 100, Adalind's hexenbiest powers return to defend herself against Rosalee's ex-boyfriend, breaking all of his fingers in the process. This causes her to fear that if Nick discovers her powers have come back, he will abandon her. During this time, she returns to her old job as a lawyer, but she becomes pressured by Renard and Black Claw leader Bonaparte, who admit that her daughter, Diana, is with them. Soon, Adalind ultimately tells the truth about her powers to Nick as well as her fears of Renard and Black Claw using Diana to get to her. Given a dangerous ultimatum by Diana disguised as Renard, Adalind is forced to leave with Kelly, leaving behind a note for Nick apologizing for her actions. Despite Renard's attempts to win her back, Diana influencing her actions and Bonaparte threatening her, Adalind remains loyal to Nick, refusing to reveal his location to them. When Bonaparte tortures the location out of her, Adalind has Diana send Nick a message about the danger heading his way. Her torture by Bonaparte resulted in Diana killing him in retaliation.

Recurring characters[edit]

Marie Kessler[edit]

Marie Kessler (played by Kate Burton) was Nick's aunt and a Grimm. She told Nick that she worked as a librarian, but whether she ever had this job or simply worked as a Grimm full-time is unclear. She was injured by a Reaper when she came to visit him, although she was already dying of cancer. Despite assassination attempts being thwarted by Nick and Monroe, she eventually died of her injuries in Season 1, Episode 2—her last words being to remind Nick to fight "the bad ones". She left Nick her trailer, containing all of her books and tools about the creatures that he would face as a Grimm, which he keeps in the middle of a deserted storage lot and consults when necessary.

Kelly Kessler Burkhardt[edit]

Kelly Kessler Burkhardt (played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) was Nick Burkhardt's mother, who was also a Grimm. Her first appearance was in the last episode of Season 1 (Episode 22). For 18 years, Nick believed that both of his parents had died in a car crash. Only after learning that he was a Grimm did Nick find out that his parents had actually been murdered; but, in reality, Kelly has been alive this whole time. When Nick reunites with his mother in Episode 23 (Season 2, Episode 1), Kelly tells Nick that his Dad was killed in the car crash but that the woman with him (who had been identified as Kelly) was actually Kelly's friend whom the killer mistook as the intended Grimm (Kelly). Kelly explains to Nick that she had pretended to be dead for 18 years because it was the best way to protect Nick from his father's murderer. Kelly assists Nick with his investigation on the attacks by the Mauvais Dentes. Nick takes his mother to Marie's Trailer, which Kelly and Marie had bought together after their father became ill. Later in episode 24 (Season 2, Episode 2), Kelly tries to find out how to cure Juliette by talking to Catherine Schade. Catherine tells Kelly that a prince is in Portland, but Kelly accidentally kills Catherine before being able to find out the prince's identity. At the end of the episode Nick, thinking that she was going to Zakynthos to destroy the Coins of Zakynthos, takes Kelly to the train station. After Nick drives away from the station, Kelly is seen stealing a car instead of entering the station.

In Season 3, she returns with Adalind and her new-born baby girl Diana to Portland. She is last seen leaving in a truck with Adalind's baby, to keep her safe.

In the season 4 episode "Headache" Nick returns home to find Kelly's severed head in a box as a result of an ambush by the royals. He eventually deduces that Juliette lured his mom into a trap for the Royals so they could take Diana. She never knew that Adalind was pregnant with her grandson Kelly, who was named after her.

Theresa "Trubel" Rubel[edit]

Theresa Rubel (played by Jacqueline Toboni) is better known as Trubel (pronounced "trouble"). She is a vagrant runaway and a Grimm, with no prior knowledge of what that means. She's had to defend herself on numerous occasions from Wesen who recognize her as a Grimm and, when she's described her experiences, she's been called a liar or mad. As a result, she spent time in several different mental institutions. An initial (and almost deadly) encounter with Nick, Hank, and Monroe, resulted in Monroe identifying her to Nick as a Grimm. At the end of season 3, she was staying at Nick's home and learning about the world of Grimms and Wesen.

During the start of Season 4, she was acting as the local Grimm keeping the bads of the Wesen community under check until Nick got his powers back. After helping Nick find a way to get back being a Grimm, she went on her own with Josh Porter, to teach him how to fight and survive without Grimm powers and for her to be her own Grimm searching for herself.

She later returns to help after receiving Monroe and Rosalee's phone call and kills Juliette with a crossbow in the Season Four finale "Cry Havoc" after Juliette was trying to kill Nick.

In Season 5, it is discovered that she is working for Hadrian's Wall. She works along with Eve and Meisner.

Dr. Harper[edit]

Dr. Harper (played by Sharon Sachs) is a medical examiner, who occasionally works on Nick and Hank's cases. In episode 13, she was beaten by a Schakal who was looking for the Coins of Zakynthos. Throughout "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau", Harper was referred to as "Parker."

Bud Wurstner[edit]

Bud Wurstner (played by Danny Bruno) is a beaver-like creature called Eisbiber who first encounters Nick when he is repairing his fridge. He is initially frightened of Nick, believing him to be as violent as the Grimms of myth. Because of this, Bud behaves in a subservient manner towards Nick, offering to fix things and giving Nick gifts. It is only after Nick calls upon Bud for help in a murder case that Bud realizes Nick is a good person and the two become friends, although he is still somewhat jittery when he and Nick meet. Bud played an important part in stopping a Wesen lawyer who used his pheromones to manipulate juries to favor his clients.


Sergeant Franco (played by Robert Blanche) is a police officer who appears to be under Sergeant Wu and works in the Homicide Department. He appears to share many of Wu's duties and possibly fills in for Sergeant Wu whenever the latter is busy elsewhere.

Catherine Schade[edit]

Catherine Schade (played by Jessica Tuck) is a Hexenbiest who is Adalind Schade's mother. She is first seen in episode 17 (Season 1, Episode 17). She taught everything she knows to Adalind about being a Hexenbiest. The very last time she spoke to her daughter was episode 17 (Season 1, Episode 17) when Adalind ingested Nick's blood, removing her Hexenbiest abilities. She was accidentally killed in episode 24 (Season 2, Episode 2) by Kelly Burkhardt when trying to figure out how to cure Juliette from her coma.

Eric Renard[edit]

Eric Renard (played by James Frain) is the brother of Sean Renard. He is fluent in English and French. He resides in a Norman-style castle. He made his first appearance in episode 23 (Season 2, Episode 1) when he is seen approaching a man undergoing torture, demanding the names of people in the Resistance. Eric is a recurring character in Season 2, arriving in Portland in the season finale as part of an agenda involving an army of zombie-like individuals as a cover for his attempt to abduct Nick. Despite Eric's best efforts, Nick manages to escape his abduction, and Eric is killed by a bomb planted by Sean Renard in retaliation for his actions against Nick.


Sebastien (played by Christian Lagadec) is a lawyer in the service of Eric Renard's Royal family. He is an undercover ally of Sean Renard and regularly aids him with information regarding the family. Eventually, Viktor discovers his betrayal and kills him in the episode "The Show Must Go On" (season 3, episode 16).

Ryan Smulson[edit]

Ryan Smulson (played by Michael Grant Terry) is an intern at the Portland PD who appears to be worshiping Nick. Later he is revealed to be finding Wesen using police information, then torturing and killing them, much like Grimms of old ages. Despite this, when Nick confronts him, he turns out to be a leech-like creature instead and is arrested.


Pilar (played by Bertila Damas) is fluent in Spanish and English. Pilar helps Juliette when Juliette has lost her memory of Nick. Pilar has not been revealed to be wesen or a Grimm, but she is able to identify that Juliette was cursed. She gives Juliette advice to allow her to regain her memories. In "El Cucuy", Juliette and Nick visit her again to ask if she knows about El Cucuy.

Stefania Vaduva Popescu[edit]

Stefania Vaduva Popescu (played by Shohreh Aghdashloo) is a Zigeverisprathes or Queen of Schwartzwald Roma at the House of Kronenberg. This individual helps Adalind go through a process to get her wesen powers back. She is a rival of Frau Pech.

Frau Pech[edit]

Frau Pech (played by Mary McDonald-Lewis) is a Hexenbiest who, at the cost of her life, helps Adalind recover her Hexenbiest powers.

Baron Samedi[edit]

Baron Samedi (played by Reg E. Cathey) is a Cracher-Mortel, a Wesen who works with Eric Renard. He arrives in Portland at the end of Season 2, and turns a number of people into zombie-like creatures as a cover-up for the abduction of Nick. Nick wakes up on the plane leaving Portland and fights Baron Samedi, causing the plane to crash. Baron Samedi is killed in the crash, while Nick (and the other zombies) are eventually cured by Rosalee.

Viktor Albert Wilhelm George Beckendorf[edit]

Viktor Albert Wilhelm George Beckendorf (played by Alexis Denisof) is a second cousin of Eric and Sean Renard who becomes the new Crown Prince after Eric's death. He threatens Captain Renard with death if he doesn't give up Adalind's baby, which he later gives to him. After a short time, it is later put in the hands of Kelly Burkhardt, Nick's mother. He fooled Adalind into thinking that he has her baby, which was revealed at the end of episode 71 (Season 4, Episode 5) that he doesn't have it. When Adalind learned that she was pregnant with Nick's child, she attempted to pass it off as Viktor's, but this deception backfired when it was revealed that Viktor is sterile. It is revealed in season 4 that he aligned himself with the resistance to kill the king and take the crown for himself.


Alexander (played by Spencer Conway) is one of the people who works for the Wesen Council. He is a wesen. He has come to Portland three different times. In the episode "Once We Were Gods", he asks Nick to stop someone from stealing an old mummy.

Martin Meisner[edit]

Martin Meisner (played by Damien Puckler) is a member of the Resistance. He has escorted and guarded Adalind and her baby daughter Diana from Austria to Switzerland, as well as helped deliver the baby. He returned in the season 4 season finale, rescuing Diana from the royal king and killing the King in the process. In season 5 he returns to Portland, working for Hadrian's Wall, a government-funded group that deals with the Wesen uprising and Wesen threats such as Black Claw. When Special Agent Chavez died in the beginning of Season 5, Meisner takes over as the head of Hadrian's Wall for the Portland compound. In the episode "Beginning of the End, Parts One and Two", Meisner is choked by Bonaparte as a slow death, but Renard shoots him out of sympathy.

In the final season, his ghost keeps haunting Renard.

Diana Schade-Renard[edit]

Diana Schade-Renard (played by Isley and Aria Nelson in Season 3, Sloane McGinnis in Season 4, Hannah R. Loyd in Season 5 and 6) is the daughter of Adalind Schade and Sean Renard, also the older half-sister of Kelly Schade-Burkhardt. She has currently displayed telekinesis, pyrokinesis, casting illusions and precognition. Her eyes tend to turn glow purple whenever she uses her powers. Diana was last seen riding in the truck with Kelly Burkhardt to someplace unknown.

She later returns as a young child in Season 4 episode "Headache" with Kelly, when they were ambushed by the Royals with the help of Juliette. Later in Season Finale episode "Cry Havoc", after Nick and his gang failed to save Diana from her grandfather King Frederick in the Helicopter, unaware that Diana is being rescued by Martin Meisner, who she remembers delivered her.

Diana returns in the Season 5 Episode "Inugami" as a preteen, when she was reunited with her father with the help of Rachel Wood. In the episode "Good to the Bone", she was reunited with her mother. In the episode "The Taming of the Wu" it is revealed that her powers have grown considerably, which now include being able to project her image as well as copy voices perfectly. When Diana loses her temper, she can be prone to using her abilities in fits of rage. One of Diana's signature uses of her powers is to create the image of a skull from various media, often meant as a warning. She is also able to use her powers to call out to Adalind from a completely different geographic location and project a brief image of herself to her mother, though she is unable to hear Adalind trying to speak to the projection of herself. Because of how Adalind assumed Juliette's identity in the past, and vice versa, Diana inadvertently sometimes also communicates with Eve as well, which Diana can sense and is not pleased by giving Eve a warning. Diana is further able to manipulate radio frequencies, a form of electromagnetic energy, in order to dial a specific cell phone; she can simultaneously perform a perfect impersonation of another individual's voice of either gender while communicating with the receiver of this type of cell phone call. Similar to how Henrietta could manipulate Nick's emotions when she was in close proximity to him, Diana is able to manipulate the emotions and actions of those around her if she chooses, though she can do this from several feet away, even if she is in a different room. She can manipulate people through the use of Voodoo dolls, and from great distances as well, which is how she killed Bonaparte after learning what Bonaparte had done to her mother.

Josh Porter[edit]

Josh Porter (played by Lucas Near-Verbrugghe) is the son of Roland "Rolek" Porter, who was a Grimm. Rolek Porter died in episode 65 (Season 3, Episode 21). Josh was tasked with giving Nick the Grimm tools and books owned by his father, after his father's death. The items include another one of the seven keys that create a map when you have all seven of them. In episode 71 (Season 4, episode 5), Josh gives Nick a call from Philadelphia at his home asking him what to do because his house got ransacked by members of the Verrat in search for the key, but didn't end up finding it because Nick has it. Josh describes to Nick that "this Grimm stuff" is ruining his life because of all the things he has had to encounter. He is not a Grimm. In episode 73 (Season 4, Episode 7), he is seen leaving with Trubel heading to Philadelphia dealing with all that has happened.

Elizabeth Lascelles[edit]

Elizabeth Lascelles (played by Louise Lombard) is Sean Renard's mother, who is also a Hexenbiest. Elizabeth had an affair with King Frederick, which resulted in Sean's birth. When the Queen found out, she sent people to have Elizabeth and Sean killed. Later, while her son was dying the hospital, she used a two-headed snake to revive him and later discovered her granddaughter Diana's existence from her son after he awoke. Before she left, she told Sean to keep the Witch's Hat and that she would be looking for her granddaughter.


Henrietta (played by Garcelle Beauvais) is a Hexenbiest who is the old friend of Elizabeth Lascelles and Sean Renard after they left Vienna and one the reasons they come to Portland. Sean sent Juliette to her to help her deal with her newly hexenbiest powers after she show him the side effects of returning Nick's Grimm Powers. She was killed by Sean Renard while he was under the influence of Jack the Ripper.

Kelly Schade-Burkhardt[edit]

Kelly Schade-Burkhardt (played by Owynn and Quinn Ingersoll, Emma and Claire Dezellem and 2+ other sets of unknown twins in Season 5) is the son of Adalind Schade and Nick Burkhardt, also the younger half-brother of Diana Schade-Renard. He was named after Nick's recently deceased mother Kelly Burkhardt. He was conceived when Adalind used the potion to disguise herself as Juliette to take away Nick's Grimm powers after they slept together. Adalind didn't know she was pregnant until Henrietta sensed it and let her know. Soon after breaking the news to Nick that she was pregnant with his child, she revealed she was having a boy. He was born from an emergency c-section due to his arm being above his head when Adalind was trying to give birth to him. He currently lives with his parents in Portland. Since Adalind's powers were suppressed prior to his birth, it is unknown if he has Hexenbiest powers like his half-sister, or will have Nick's Grimm powers when he is older.

Andrew Dixon[edit]

Andrew Dixon is a mayoral candidate running for Portland. His first appearance in the series was the Season 5 episode "Wesen Nacth". Dixon is not wesen. He asked Police Captain Sean Renard to endorse him and get him elected for the mayor position. Renard supported him because he was a good man. Dixon died in the Season 5 episode "Key Move", he was assassinated by a wesen terrorist working with Black Claw from a high balcony of a hotel building. Renard realized Black Claw set this up so Renard could take his place at becoming mayor of Portland.

Conrad Bonaparte[edit]

Conrad Bonaparte (played by Shaun Toub) is a powerful Zauberbiest and a co-founder of Black Claw who first appeared in the episode "The Taming of the Wu". He had knowledge of and significant involvement in Black Claw's manipulative plans. Bonaparte meet with Renard and was disappointed with the situation with Adalind and Diana, even threatened to kill Adalind, if she chooses to stay with Nick. Later after meeting Adalind and Kelly at Adalind's office at her law firm, where he is giving her a dangerous ultimatum, which leads her to leave Nick and the loft with Kelly. After having the talk with Adalind at the Black Claw's Hideout, Bonaparte revealed to her that he's a full Zauberbiest with powers and uses his abilities to make Adalind believe that she is turning into stone, also greets her with an engagement ring, but gives her a warning what will happen to her children when she takes it off. After Bonaparte and Renard killed Meisner, Nick is enraged and got arrested for assault on Renard, He had Nick taken to a different precinct in order to interrogate him by using his powers of illusion of Adalind and their son Kelly on Nick in order to find the location of the Grimm ancestry book, which is in Nick's possession, but he left after the fighting began between the Black Claw members and Nick's friends to rescue Nick and uses his powers to fight off Eve in the station in using his telekinetic powers. Later after returning to the mansion, he used his powers on Adalind in order for her to give up Nick's location. After a standoff between him, Renard and Nick, when Bonaparte uses his powers to choke Nick to death, he was stabbed in the back by Renard, unaware that it was really Diana who used her dolls to kill Bonaparte in retaliation after learning what Bonaparte had done to her mother into giving up Nick's location.


The show refers to its numerous creatures as Wesen, German for "creature" or "nature". While the species of each creature often has a German name, most of the Wesen in the series do not exist by these names in Grimms' Fairy Tales. Some creatures have different names in the German synchronization of the series; for example, the Fuchsbau (fox hole in German) is called Fuchsteufel (fox-devil) in the German translation of the series.

Wesen are theriomorphic humans with certain traits and abilities characteristic in animals or mythological creatures. The non-human traits and abilities appear when Wesen are aggressive or otherwise emotionally agitated, referred to as woged from German wogen ("surge"). According to the character Monroe, normal people can see only the human appearance, not the woged appearance of Wesen, although at times Wesen can allow themselves to be seen, which is the source of legends and stories passed down as fairy tales by The Brothers Grimm.

The Wesen community has its own politics and institutions, led by the Wesen Council which has the functions of judiciary and legislature. Separately the seven Royal Houses in Europe are aware of the Wesen community in the series, and are vying to restore their former influence in the world. There are also the Verrat (German: "betrayal"), a secret police of Wesen working for the Royal Houses to manipulate others in Wesen community, the Laufer (a Wesen resistance movement against the Royal Houses), and the Reapers (assassins mainly concerned with eliminating Grimms). It is never clearly stated in the series whether members of the Royal families are Wesen themselves; however Wesen-Royal romantic relationships have been shown to be at least frowned upon.

Wesen and others[edit]

List of Wesen and other creatures[edit]

The Wesen and others introduced in the series are as follows:

Name Language /meaning Description First episode
Anubis Greek name for Egyptian god Jackal creatures, considered godlike protectors of the dead by ancient Egyptians. They are also respectful of artifacts, and are involved with the Beati Paoli, a group of Wesen dedicated to preservation of Wesen culture. See also Schakal. 59 (Once We Were Gods)
Aswang Tagalog: evil spirit Ghoul creature from Filipino mythology. In the series, Aswang attack pregnant women with their piercing tongue, injecting a tranquilizer and sucking the infant and amniotic fluid out of the womb. It is a tradition, that some Aswang consider barbaric, for the eldest son to give up his first conceived child for his mother's consumption to extend her lifespan. 58 (Mommy Dearest)
Apgadanieks Latvian: wage earner, bread winner, supporter husky like creature with a covered body either white, brown, or both & a nosed dog like rhinarium. 91 (Lost Boys)
Balam Yucatec: jaguar Jaguar creature that tends to act before thinking; closely related to the Yaguaraté. 31 (La Llorona)
Barbatus Ossifrage Latin: bearded bone-breaker Bearded vulture like creature preys on mortally wounded, breaking its victims' bones & then liquefying them for consumption. 106 (Good to the Bone)
Bauerschwein German: farmer pig Pig creatures, in a centuries-old feud with Blutbad. This Wesen is portrayed as the mythological basis for the Three Little Pigs. 06 (The Three Bad Wolves)
Blutbad German: bloodbath Wolf creature with a keen sense of smell and provoked by the color red, derived from the Big Bad Wolf in Grimms' fairy tales. The Blutbad/Bauerschwein feud has lasted for centuries. 01 (Pilot)
Coyotl Nahuatl: coyote Coyote creature, usually existing in packs that practice a mating ritual for females soon after their 17th birthday. 25 (Bad Moon Rising)
Cracher Mortel French: deadly spit Puffer fish creature, uses its spit to induce a deathlike trance in its victims to create obedient zombie slaves. Baron Samedi, a Loa (spirit) of Haitian Vodou, is portrayed as a Cracher-Mortel working for the royal families, in particular Captain Renard's brother Eric. 43 (The Waking Dead)
Chupacabra Spanish: goat-sucker A contemporary-legend cryptid that preys on livestock, rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas, with the first sightings reported in Puerto Rico in 1995. The series presents chupacabra as a woge manifestation brought on by a mosquito-borne disease. An afflicted Wesen has no memory of repeatedly transforming into a chupacabra that rips the throats and drinks the blood of its victims. 74 (Chupacabra)
Dämonfeuer German: demon fire Rare draconic creature with the ability to vaporize their own fat, which they cough up as flammable particles that can ignite. The appearance of breathing fire is presented as the inspiration for myths about dragons. 14 (Plumed Serpent)
Dickfellig German: insensitive (literal: thick-furred) Rhinoceros creature, good fighter. 12 (Last Grimm Standing)
Drang-Zorn German: "impulsive wrath" Badger creature, prone to violent outbursts. A child drangzorn who experiences woge before age 13 become unstable and violent. 29 (The Bottle Imp)
Eisbiber German: ice beaver Beaver creature, somewhat meek and cowardly (less so than Mauzherz), with a knack for repair and crafts. 05 (Danse Macabre)
El Cucuy Spanish: el Coco "the bogeyman" Vigilante creature with long claws, wide mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, and superhuman hearing even when in human form. El Cucuy can hear cries for help from miles away, and comes after people who commit bad actions towards others. Julliette speculates it may not actually be a Wesen.. 49 (El-Cucuy)
Cupiditas Spanish: desire, longing, lust/greed is the root of evil Cupid like wesen who collects victims' hair to spike into champagne & serves amor de infierno (Spanish: hellish love) in wine in which cause they're madly in love or himself 117 (Blind Love)
El Cuegle Spanish: monster El Cuegle creature who has a blue-gray or purple-gray skin with 3rd eyes tell his visions about children but he eats the babies to stop the evil or not. 114 (El Cuegle)
Excandesco Latin: glow, become white-hot/catch fire Presented in the show as the possible origin of the Phoenix, this creature spontaneously bursts into flame at will, by controlling phosphorus emitted through the skin. 79 (Trial by Fire)
Folterseele German: torture soul Poison dart frog/Golden poison dart frog like creature that secretes Batrachotoxin through their skin. 82 (Heartbreaker)
Fuchsbau German: fox hole Fox creature, sly and cunning. 10 (Organ Grinder)
Fuchsteufelwild German: livid / hopping mad Goblin creature equipped with blade-like bony fingers that can slice a victim in half while secreting acid. Its strong legs enable it to leap long distances and stomp with considerable force. Its large ego cannot accept defeat, which can result in suicide upon losing the intricate games played with victims. A Fuchsteufelwild will adopt an anagram name made up of the letters in "Rumpelstiltskin", such as "Trinket Lipslums". 38 (Nameless)
Fuilcre Irish: blood clay Ox is a bovine creature known for using an ancient Wesen ritual called; "fulicre rain crucifixion rituals", which involved water runes, crosses, & blood to sacrifice victims as a ceremony to bring rain. 97 (Star Crossed)
Furis Rubian Latin: red demon Horned toad like creature; harmless but due to appearance commonly mistaken for the devil. 104 (The Believer)
Gedächtnis Esser German: memory eater Octopus creature that removes memories by forcing tentacles into the back of a victim's head. Upon waking, a victim has amnesia combined with pain, with no memory of the attacker. 67 (Thanks for the Memories)
Gefrierengeber German: freeze giver Mentioned by Monroe, they are the inspiration for Santa Claus 07 (Let Your Hair Down)
Geier German: vulture Vulture creature known for harvesting human organs and blood from live victims, to make effective medicinal remedies for the Wesen community. 10 (Organ Grinder)
Gelumcaedus Latin: cold kill Ferocious and aggressive crocodile creature that inhabits the city's sewers and attacks with little provocation. They both fear and respect Grimms, referring to Grimms as Dēcapitāre, "he who decapitates". 51 (Cold Blooded)
Genio innocuo Latin: harmless genius Peaceful, non-violent tortoise creature originating from the Galápagos Islands, often possessing genius-level intellect. Genio innocuo are rare because a Grimm hunted and killed most of the population. 30 (The Other Side)
Glühenvolk German: glow-people A rare luminous creature mistaken for Extraterrestrial life. Glühenvolk are a benevolent and gentle species of Wesen who avoid killing, but can become violent if their mate is threatened. 41 (Endangered)
Golem Hebrew: unshaped form Clay and Stone being. In Jewish folklore, it is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created entirely from inanimate matter. This being is not a Wesen. 70 (Dyin' on a Prayer)
Grausen Germany: horror Grausen is a condition caused by an unicelluar eukroytoic parasite called Daemon adespicon (Latin: I see the devil) that infects human children. 50 (Stories We Tell Our Young)
Hasenfussige Schnecke German: cowardly slug Blobfish creature known for being peaceful, but cowardly. Consider flies to be delicious. 94 (Wesen Nacht)
Hässlich German: ugly Troll creature fond of stewarding bridges and extorting tolls from the Eisbiber folk who built them. Several work in construction for the purpose of continued extortion and upholding ancient traditions. 19 (Leave It To Beavers)
Heftigauroch German: violent bison Bull creature, good at fighting when enraged, but generally nonviolent and reluctant to fight. 69 (The Last Fight)
Hexenbiest (female) German: witch-beast Female Witch creature (female counterpart of Zauberbiest), with an appearance of rotting flesh in Wesen form, and strikingly attractive in human form. They excel at concocting potions having various compulsive, emotive, or deadly effects and possess various supernatural abilities such as telekinesis. Ingesting the blood of a Grimm causes a Hexenbiest to lose her abilities and become human. 01 (Pilot)
Höllentier German: hell animal Hellhound creature, tracing its lineage to the ancient Egyptian empire. In modern times, the species in general are considered unpleasant, and they often have criminal records. Nick described this creature as half Hundjäger and half Dämonfeuer 49 (El Cucuy)
Hundjäger German: dog-hunter Hound creature with a talent for relentless tracking. These creatures often work for the Verrat organization as hit men or bounty hunters. The Verrat and their Hundjäger are widely feared by other Wesen, resulting in the resistance movement called Laufer. 18 (Cat and Mouse)
Huntha Lami Muuaji Swahili: hermaphrodite tar murder A flatworm creature whose epidermis secretes enzymes, like slimy acid, that can burn human skin. It can also change its gender at will. 81 (Double Date)
Indole Gentile Italian: gentle nature Deer creature. During adolescence, a rare genetic disorder may manifest itself as a transformation into a Kallikantzaros (see below). The Greek American families of Indole Gentile were members of the Greek Orthodox Church. 73 (The Grimm Who Stole Christmas)
Inugami Japanese: God dog Ghost-like white dog creature from Japanese mythology. Honorable and loyal to ancient traditions, if someone saves their life the Inugami will forever act as a guardian to them and their family. 105 (Inugami)
Jack the Ripper N/A Malevolent spirit that possess people and forces them commit horrifying murders. The being is not a Wesen. 86 (You Don't Know Jack)
Jägerbär German: hunter-bear Bear creature that uses a claw-like scoop to disembowel victims. According to the Grimm journal, a Jägerbär tends to be a lawyer, mortgage lender, or politician, and can live peacefully among humans when avoiding alcohol. The series presents them as the mythological basis for The Story of the Three Bears. 02 (Bears Will Be Bears)
Jinnamuru Xunte Maninka: limping evil spirit Fly creature from Africa that feeds off the victims' tears and removes their eyesight. 37 (Mr. Sandman)
Kallikantzaroi Greek: beautiful centaur Malevolent nocturnal goblin creature from Greek Folklore. In the series, a Kallikantzaros arises from a rare genetic disorder in gentile deer-like Indole Gentile Wesen during early adolescence. The disorder manifests itself at night, when the child transforms into a goblin who engages in destructive mischief. 73 (The Grimm Who Stole Christmas)
Kitsune Japanese: fox White Fox like creature from Japanese folklore. 105 (Inugami)
Klaustreich German: claw stroke Alley cat creature, tending to be popular with women although relationships end badly due to the creature's possessiveness and proclivity toward violence. Females are notably less violent. The name is intended to mean "scrounging prankster" according to NBC's Grimm guide.[3] 16 (The Thing With Feathers)
Königschlange German: royal serpent King cobra creature, similar in name to the German word for boa constrictor, Königsschlange ("king's snake"). The creature in the Grimm series can use its tongue to check body temperature, pulse, and other vital signs — skills sought by those wishing to confirm an individual's death. Königschlangen also have toxic fangs, and have fast reflexes exceeding those of a Grimm. 28 (Over My Dead Body)
Koschei Russian: Коще́й, possibly derived from кость (bone) Radioactive skeleton with the ability to heal other beings of serious injuries and ailments, as well as afflict people with radiation poisoning. Koschei are resistant or immune to toxins and poisons, they have quick reflexes, and are difficult to kill. Grigori Rasputin's healing power is attributed to him being a Koschei. In traditional stories, the creature is described mainly as an antagonist who abducts the hero's wife. 53 (Red Menace)
Krampus German: Claw "Anti-Santa" demon, Krampus is Yule Lord (a half-demon, half-goat creature with black fur), who traditionally punishes misbehaving children. In the series, a Krampus exists for three weeks per year to kidnap and devour naughty children before midnight of the winter solstice. His human self is unaware of his other side, having no recollection of being Krampus. Monroe said that he is not sure if this creature is a wesen. 52 (Twelve Days of Krampus)
Kackenkopf German: poop head Dung beetle like creature. 100 (Into the Schwarzwald)
La Llorona Spanish: The Weeping Woman Supernatural apparition of a crying woman from Mexican folklore. La Llorona kidnaps and drowns little children during Halloween, hoping the children can take the place of her own children who drowned centuries ago. The creature is not believed to be a Wesen. 31 (La Llorona)
Lausenschlange German: louse-snake Snake creature that preys on weaker creatures such as Mausherz, using powerful arms to crush victims like a boa constrictor. 09 (Of Mouse and Man)
Lebensauger German: life sucker Lamprey creature having a large funnel-like mouth filled with sharp teeth. A Lebensauger tries to keep its true nature secret, even to other Wesen. 32 (The Hour of Death)
Löwen German: lions Lion creature that runs gladiatorial games (since the time of ancient Rome) in which other Wesen are forced to fight each other to the death. 12 (Last Grimm Standing)
Luisant-Pêcheur French: shining fisherman Otter creature, somewhat less skittish than an Eisbiber, having the ability to swim underwater for long periods of time. 42 (Kiss of the Muse)
Luison Guarani: werewolf Wolf creature from Guarani mythology (different from Blutbad and Wildesheer). A Luison shows a suave and polite exterior disguising a greedy and manipulating interior. Less prone to violence than a Blutbad, a Luison relies more on fear and deception. 71 (Cry Luison)
Lycanthrope Greek: human wolf Lycanthrope is a therianthropic hybrid wolf creature with a genetic mutation wesen disease specific to blutbaden that inspired modern day werewolf myth. When Lycanthropia manifests physically, its a condition that makes Lycanthropes temporarily driven insane during 3 nights of the full moon? 102 (Lycanthropia)
Malin Fatal French: cunning deadly Boar creature having tusks protruding from the lower jaw; see also Baurschwein. 53 (Red Menace)
Manticore Persian: man eater A scorpion-tailed lion creature that kills by stabbing with its poisonous scorpion's tail. Manticore is a legendary Persian cryptid. 55 (The Good Soldier)
Matança Zumbido Portuguese: buzz kill An electric eel creature that can kill with a sustained electric discharge that chars the victim, blowing out eyeballs and teeth. 77 (Death Do Us Part)
Mauvais-Dentes French: bad teeth Saber-tooth tiger creature, considered a smart, swift, and deadly killing machine. According to Grimm documents, a single Mauvais-Dentes can wipe out an entire village. The few left in the world answer to members of the royal families. 23 (Bad Teeth)
Mausherz German: mouse heart Timid, cowardly mouse creature, undocumented by Grimms due to never having done anything to attract the attention of a Grimm. 09 (Of Mouse and Man)
Mellifer Latin: honey-bearing Bee creature that lives as part of a swarm with a hive mentality. They harvest their own venom for use as a weapon, and can use swarms of normal honeybees to provide cover for their movements. A Mellifer's natural enemy is a Hexenbiest. Although they are Wesen, Mellifers have historically enjoyed a good relationship with Grimms. 03 (Beeware)
Mishipeshu Algonquin: underwater panther Underwater lynx like creature live in Canada from Algonquin Obijwa Mythology with a tribe of shape shifting Algonquin Native Americans in Michipicoten Island. In series, A dark & mysterious Native American myth called Mishipeshu[4] is half cougar & half dragon. Mishipeshu is a powerful Native American spirit horned water serpent panther enters person's body possessed people during power quest. The creature is not believed to be a Wesen. 84 (Mishipeshu)
Murciélago Spanish: bat Bat creature from Spain, also called a Geölterblitz (German: greased lightning) by Blutbads. They can emit a powerful shriek that is fatal to victims. Murciélagos can be disoriented by loud noises imperceptible to humans. 20 (Happily Ever Aftermath)
Musasat Alsh-Shabab Arabic: youth sucker Scarab Beetle creature that can use its mandibles to suck the youth out of their victims & regurgitate it as an anti-aging cream. 103 (Skin Deep)
Musai Greek: muse Elfin muse creature that inspires artistic creativity in those with whom she becomes emotionally close. The kiss of a Musai secretes a psychotropic substance that causes obsessive infatuation. A relationship sealed with such a kiss inevitably leads to madness, destruction, and death, while inspiring great creativity in the Musai's afflicted lover. True love for someone else is the only thing that can break the induced infatuation. 42 (Kiss of the Muse)
Naiad Middle English: naiad Aquatic nymph creature from Greek legend. Male Naiads are born sterile, and female Naiads can only conceive in water with humans. As a result, all Naiads are born to mixed parents, creating tension between males and females. 48 (One Night Stand)
Neanderthal N/A Neanderthal creaturelike Cro-Magnon aka Caveman. Sgt. Wu had scratch from Lycanthope when he woged into neanderthal. The species is named after Neandertal ("Neander Valley") in Germany. Lycanthopia is a genetic mutation passed down in Blutbaden was caused by a viral infection if he was scratched or bitten by lycanthrope. (see Lycanthrope) 106 (Good to the Bone)
Nuckelavee Scottish: supernatural horse Horse or centaur-like creature from Orcadian folklore. The Nuckelavee was said to be the cause of blight, disaster, floods, and more because of his evil nature. 26 (Quill)
Peau de la Mort Fr. skin of death mentioned by Monroe 82 (Heartbreaker)
Pflichttreue German: devotion to duty White panther/snow leopard creature, quick and stealthy, able to appear and disappear without a trace. Because they are smart, fearless, and loyal, several are used by the Wesen Council to help with difficult dirty work. 50 (Stories We Tell Our Young)
Phansigar English: use the noose/Hindi: snare doing Komodo dragon creature with a long tongue that can strangle or cut the throat of a victim. Every three years they kidnap a male and female human couple for a ritual sacrifice. 72 Highway of Tears)
Primal Wu N/A Primal Wu is a person who fears who is bitten or scratched by lycanthrope that turns into neanderthal by genetic mutation passed down blutbaden was caused by viral infestion of some kind of caveman. Its non-wesen. 107 The Taming of the Wu
Quijada Vil Spanish: jaw vile Gila monster is a large creature like venomous lizard with razor sharped teeth from Southwestern US. Quijada Vil lulls its victims into a false sense of security with their sharp teeth. 90 (Clear & Wesen Danger)
Raubkondor German: predatory condor Condor creature, a dangerous hunter with night-vision capability and the ability to turn its head almost completely in either direction. 41 (Endangered)
Reinigen German: to clean Rat creature presented as the mythological basis for The Pied Piper, with a musical ability that controls the behavior of normal rats. A Reinigen is nonviolent unless pushed to violence. Historically, Grimms have not pursued them as enemies. 05 (Danse Macabre)
Riesen-Ratte/Les Rogeus Roi German: giant rat/French: king of rodents Giant rat king creature, formed when several Reinigen merge in an event as known the Erklarend. Thought to be a myth by the Wesen community. 93 (The Rat King)
Sairento Shi Japanese: silent death Praying Mantis creature uses speed attacks with armed blades to beheaded someone else. They're known as ninjas. 98 (Map of the Seven Knights)
Schakal German: jackal Jackal creature, ferocious and thieving, able to stand against a Grimm longer than most other Wesen. See also Anubis. 13 (Three Coins in a Fuchsbau)
Scharfblicke German: sharp-eyed Owl creature with extraordinary eyesight that can see what otherwise cannot be seen, such as peering directly into a lock to decipher the mechanism inside. 35 (Face Off)
Schinderdiv German+Persian: flayer/oppressor demon Warthog creature, portrayed in the episode as a boxing trainer who wants to win at any cost. 69 (The Last Fight)
Seelengut German: soul good Timid and peaceful sheep creature who are almost never violent, and highly social with a herd mentality. A Blutbad would consider both a Seelengut and a Bauerschwein as prey. 27 (The Good Shepherd)
Seltenvogel German: rare bird Nearly extinct golden bird creatures, once kept as pets by royal families. Once in its lifetime, a Seltenvogel will develop a glandular bump on its neck, containing a golden item, called Unbezahlbar (meaning "priceless"), that must be cut out before it grows too large or the Seltenvogel will die. The Unbezahlbar, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, becomes worthless if broken. 16 (The Thing with Feathers)
Siegbarste German: victory burst Ogre creature known for its high pain threshold, dense bone structure, incredible strength, potent body odor, and a tendency to carry on vendettas "to the grave". They are vulnerable to a rare toxin specifically cultivated for use against them, which must be fired from a high-power rifle such as an elephant gun to pierce their defenses. 08 (Game Ogre)
Skalengeck German: scale-fool Lizard creature that intimidates by greeting prey with a hostile, tongue-hanging grin. 01 (Pilot (Grimm)) and 15 (Island of Dreams)
Skalenzähne German: scale-teeth Crocodile creature, relatively peaceful in human society, although the taste of human flesh causes violent behavior and a craving for human meat. They are popular contenders in the Löwen games. 12 (Last Grimm Standing)
Spinnetod German: spider-death Spider creature, based on the Jorōgumo demon from Japanese folklore. Females are afflicted with a condition that causes them to age rapidly, requiring them to suck the life out of young men in order to age normally. They are incapable of stopping themselves, leading to feelings of remorse. 11 (Tarantella)
Stangebär German: stick-bear Porcupine creature that can expose and retract needle-like quills as a defense mechanism. They are generally peaceful, similar in nature to other rodent-Wesen such as Mauzherz, Reinigen, and Eisbiber. 26 (Quill)
Steinadler German: stone eagle / Golden eagle A hawk creature, known for noble behavior, associated with the military and heroics. 13 (Three Coins in a Fuchsbau)
Taureus-Armenta Latin: bull cattle Minotaur creature with the head of a bull and body of a man, respected on the battlefield, known for stubbornness and courage in the face of adversity, as well as an inclination to volunteer for dangerous tasks. They are considered most honorable among Wesen. 40 (Volcanilis)
Uhranuti Czech: memory Falcon creature with exceptional eyesight. 99 (Key Move)
Ungeziefer Greifer German: vermin grab Weasel creature 99 (Key Move)
Varme Tyv Norway: heat thief Cold blooded blue racer snake. As they are cold blooded, during cold seasons they either need to enter brumation or steal the body heat of humans to remain alive. 83 (Hibernaculum)
Vibora Dorada Spanish: golden viper Chimeric snakelike ceature, based upon the Aztec deity Xipe Totec. Vibora Dorada is able to inject a paralyzing neurotoxing into its victims through its fangs, which can force a Wesen to stay in Woge even after death. 101 (Silence to the Slams)
Volcanalis Latin: High Priest of God of Fire In ancient Roman religion, Flamen Volcanalis is a high priest assigned to the cult of the deity Vulcan. In the series, Volcanilis is an entity of fire and earth, resembling the Hawaiian goddess Pele, that manifests as a lava-burning humanoid in mountainous areas with potential volcanic activity. It is nearly invulnerable, except to sub-zero substances like liquid nitrogen. Surviving witnesses were inspired to associate it with demonic beings, or the devil itself. The creature is not believed to be a Wesen. 40 (Volcanalis)
Vulpesmyrca Latin/Old English: dark fox Black fox creature with incredible speed that excels in the profession of leporem venator (Latin: hare hunter), hunting for Willahara for the purpose of severing the victim's left foot, to be sold as a fertility talisman to Wesen couples who have difficulty conceiving a child. 80 (Bad Luck)
Willahara Old English: pleasure hare Rabbit creature hunted by leporem venators (Latin: hare hunter) for their left foot, regarded by Wesen couples as a fertility aid when trying to conceive a child. Willahara are presented in the show as the origin of folklore regarding the lucky rabbit's foot. (see vulpesmyrca) 80 (Bad Luck)
Wældreór Anglo-Saxon: blood of the slain A Wesen suffering from a rare disease related to dengue fever that only affects canid Wesen. Wældreór are the inspiration of the chupacabra legend. 74 (Chupacabra)
Wasser Zahne German: water teeth An aquatic reptilian-like creature known to be exceptional swimmers and very dangerous when in their element. Basis Loch Ness Monster in Scotland. 96 (A Reptile Dysfunction)
Wendigo Algonquian: evil spirit Savage human. In Algonquian tradition, the creature could possess humans or transform from a monster to a person, and was associated with cannibalism. In the series, they store the remains of their victims in pits near their dining area. 33 (To Protect and Serve Man)
Weten Ogen Dutch: knowing eyes Lynx creature. Known to have a tradition called Maagd Zoektocht (Virgin Quest) where suitors must complete a trial to earn a female Weten Ogen's hand in marriage. 92 (Maiden Quest)
Wettbewerbsgewinner German: competition winner Anvian + reptilian creature is actually both male & female Glødendødyret in Norweigian with hard scales, spines, & beautiful plumage. A deadly toxin coating their claws that can kill human beings in matter of minute once its throughout the bloodstream. Extremely Caution. 100 (Into the Schwarzwald)
Wildermann German: wild man A Bigfoot creature. In medieval Europe tradition, hairy men living wild, comparable to the yeti or Sasquatch. In the series, they are normally friendly, intelligent loners who enjoy nature. 21 (Big Feet)
Wildesheer German: wild army Bear creature inspired by the Norse berzerkers who used to wear coats made from bear pelts. It kills people in uniform whom it deems "worthy", collecting their scalps to make a coat. 56 (The Wild Hunt)
Yaguaraté Spanish: jaguar Fast and agile jaguar creatures, shy compared to their relative, the Balam. They have a temper that they control and release to become effective killers, particularly when a matter involves a family member or loved one. A gang called Northend Cru are all yaguaraté. 54 (Eyes of the Beholder)
Zauberbiest (male) German: Magic-beast Male warlock creature (male counterpart of Hexenbiest). 01 (first mentioned in pilot; seen and featured in 24 (The Kiss)
Ziegevolk German: goat people Goat creature that releases pheromones to spellbind others. Consuming a Sonoran desert toad enhances the pheromone effectiveness. Ziegevolk are considered nonviolent, more intent on breeding rather than fighting. Some Ziegevolk are "herders" who capture and keep women for breeding. They take the form of men of ordinary appearance who have an ability to attract women. 04 (Lonelyhearts)


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