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Credit Bank of Moscow (Russian: Московский кредитный банк; MCXCBOM) is a Russian bank founded in 1992 and operating in Moscow and Moscow Oblast.

In 2008-2015 the Moscow Credit Bank raised from 66 to 12 place by assets in Russian bank rating. Its funds increased 20 times and achieved 115 billions of rubles. In 2016 it got into top-10 leading Russian banks.

As of September 2017 Credit Bank of Moscow is ranked 9th among Russian banks by assets.[1] Now the Moscow Credit Bank is the biggest private regional bank in Russia. It`s in the top of banks of major systemic importance.[2]

Credit Bank of Moscow is owned by Roman Avdeev [3], the head of Ingrad real estate development company and Rossium concern. Before 2012 Roman Avdeev was the only beneficiary of the Moscow Credit Bank. He bought the bank in 1994. Now he controls 55,73% of stocks.

Till 2008 Roman Avdeev was the head of the International finance attraction department and a President of the Moscow Credit Bank. In the end of 2008 Roman Avdeev has stepped down, but he is still a member of the Supervisory Council.


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