Curse of the Komodo

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Curse of the Komodo
Curse of the Komodo DVD.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Jim Wynorski
Produced by
  • Sam A. Hasass
  • Alison Semenza
Written by Steve Latshaw
Release date
  • 2004 (2004)
Running time
92 minutes
Country United States

Curse of the Komodo is a 2004 film that was directed by Jim Wynorski under the pseudonym Jay Andrews.[1] The film was followed by Komodo vs. Cobra.


The movie starts with an aerial view of part of the Isla Damas. Then a group of military soldiers land on the island at night and are killed by the mutated large Komodo dragons. Following this, there is a meeting between two scientists (Phipps and Dawn) involved in the Project Catalyst which produced the mutated Komodo dragons and Foster, the Naval Chief in charge of the project, at the naval base in Hawaii. After that is the scene of a casino heist in Hawaii by three robbers, Drake, Tiffany, and Reece. They escape and rendezvous with Jack, operator of a chartered helicopter. They flew off in a thunderstorm but made an emergency landing on Isla Damas. Leaving the supposedly damaged helicopter the next morning, they cross the island and unexpectedly meet Phipps and Dawn shooting at the mutated Komodo. Apparently any sort of contact with the Komodo will result in some kind of viral infection which is fatal. The first to die from the infection was Jason, one of the scientists' people. Reece who touched a slimy fluid left on the leaves of the jungle plants becomes infected, turning into some sort of a zombie attacked the others but got eaten by the Komodo when he stands motionless in front of the Komodo as it enters the compound. Later on, Hanson another people of the scientists' also become zombie like after being injured by the Komodo's tail during a failed attempt to rescue Tiffany from being eaten by the Komodo. He was shot dead by Jack when he attacked Dawn and Phipps at an abandon hut. As the remaining people try to escape in the helicopter which Jack revealed is in working condition, the navy is trying to wipe out every evidence of Foster's failed secret project involving the Komodo dragons with napalm bombs. The movie ended with Drake surviving the napalm bombings seating at the edge of the jungle beside the beach and four Komodo dragons coming up the beach approaching the camera then the larger one snaps at the camera.


  • Tim Abell as Jack
  • Gail Harris as Dawn
  • Melissa Brasselle as Tiffany
  • Paul Logan as Drake
  • Jay Richardson as Foster
  • Cam Newlin as Reece
  • Glori-Anne Gilbert as Rebecca
  • Ted Monte as Hanson
  • William Langlois as Phipps
  • J.P.Davis as Jason
  • Arthur Roberts as Detective
  • Richard Gabai as Jeffries
  • Daryl Haney as Finton
  • Scott Fresina as hotel guest
  • Buck Flower as cashier
  • Robert Donavan as hotel manager
  • Rob Sanchez as security guard
  • Benjamin Sacks as military liaison


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