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Industry Entertainment
Founded 1992; 25 years ago (1992)
Headquarters Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
Website www.d-box.com

D-BOX Technologies is a Canadian company, which designs, manufactures, and markets motion systems intended mainly for the entertainment and industrial simulation markets in 4D.[1] The audience seats are motorized in such a way to create an effect of movement, timed precisely with that of visual images, and making the audience feel that they're tilting back and forth or moving up or down. The seats can also vibrate and shake in time with explosions and other kinds of action sequences.

D-BOX Technologies is based in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada.[2]

Products and services[edit]

A D-Box seat at TCL Chinese Theatre.

Movie theatre[edit]

Selected movie theatres in North America and internationally are equipped with D-BOX motion systems. The first feature film to have been encoded with D-BOX was Fast & Furious released on April 3, 2009.[3]

In the home[edit]

D-BOX Technologies first introduced its motion generating systems in 2001 to the home theatre and PC gaming markets. The D-BOX system can be integrated within certain manufacturer’s seating models, including Acoustic Innovations, AcousticSmart Home Theatre Interiors, CDGI, Cineak, Cinematech, Continental Seating®, Design NS, Fortress Seating, Front Row Seating, Jaymar, Oray, TK Living, United Leather and VIP Cinema Seating. For existing seating, motion can be added with the help of a D-BOX Motion Platform. As of 2013, the system supports a library of over 1,000 movies.[4]

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