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Dan Worton (born 28 July 1972) is an English drummer from the Stourbridge area and founding member of the indie/punk band Ned's Atomic Dustbin.[1] His drumming was often quite dance music oriented and he was usually credited on the group's recordings as "Dan Dan the fast drumming man".[2][3]

After the band split he formed a new band called Bring Out The Freaks, in which he played bass. The band split in 2004 and he has since formed a new band called Bouncing Bomb. Bouncing Bomb released their album, Everything, on 28 November 2011. Recorded at Gravity Shack in London and engineered by Jessica Corcoran, Everything was mixed by Tim Palmer. The album was released on SEVAN SEVAN Music owned and run by longtime friend Stu Evans.

In 2000, Worton took part in the Ned's Atomic Dustbin reunion, and continues to play with the band. In June 2006 they released their first single in eleven years, entitled "Hibernation."[4] On 12 May 2008, the band announced that the original lineup of Jonn, Rat, Matt, Alex, and Dan would be performing live together for the first time since 1995 on 6 December 2008 at the Astoria London.[5] 2009 saw Ned's Atomic Dustbin playing two shows with the original line-up.[6]

Worton became a record producer when working with musician Katie Collins.


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