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Dang[1] (鄭, 黨, 唐, 滕) is a Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian[citation needed] and German[citation needed] surname. It thus has its sources from both Asiatic languages and Indo-European languages[citation needed]. The two branches are thought to be unrelated.

Hokchew Chinese Dang : 鄭 (Dang) & (Dhang)[edit]

Indian Surname Dang : (Dang) & (Dung)[edit]

  • Indian Surname Dung/Dang Dang is a Surname which is often used by the people of India who migrated after 1947 from East Punjab (Now Pakistan). Commonly they are Hindus and Sikhs. Mostly they were Farmers and some were Soldiers before Partition. After Partition they came to India and spread across North India(Punjab,Delhi,Haryana,Rajasthan & Gujarat).

It is also one of the surnames used by the munda people belonging to the schedule tribe

Chinese Dang : 黨 (Tang)[edit]

Dang (黨; it also means "party, association") in Cantonese (Dong6 in Jyutping) is transliterated as Dèng (Deng) in pinyin and Đặng in Vietnamese. origin from

Chinese Korean Dang : 唐 (Tang)[edit]

Dang in Korean is transliterated as Táng in pinyin and Đường in Vietnamese. origin from

People, Dang;

Chinese and Vietnamese Dang, Deng : 滕 (Teng), 唐 (Tang)[edit]

In Vietnam, the surname is spelled Đặng or Đăng but Đăng is very rare in Vietnamese. The name Đặng is transliterated as Deng in Chinese and Deung in Korean. origin of 滕 from;

People, Đặng;

  • Dang Thi Minh Hanh (Minh Hạnh), Vietnamese fashion designer
  • Đặng Nhật Minh, Vietnamese film director
  • Đặng Ngọc Ngự, Vietnamese pilot
  • Đặng Văn Ngữ, Vietnamese doctor and intellectual.
  • Đặng Phong, Vietnamese historian, specialized in Vietnam's economic history
  • Đặng Hữu Phúc, Vietnamese pianist and film score composer
  • Đặng Thái Sơn, Vietnamese pianist
  • Đặng Vũ Minh, Vietnamese scolaticus
  • Đặng Sỹ, officer in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam
  • Đặng Thân), Vietnamese bilingual poet, fiction writer and essayist
  • Đặng Thùy Trâm, Vietnamese doctor famous for her wartime diaries

People, Đăng;

  • Đăng Văn Quang, officer of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam

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  1. ^ The approximate English pronunciation is /ˈdɑːŋ/.