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This surname should not be confused with the surnames Deng (邓/鄧) or Táng (唐)

Teng (/təŋ/) can refer to two distinct Chinese surnames.

Most commonly, it is an alternate spelling of the Chinese surname Deng (/dəŋ/, 鄧/邓, Dèng) used especially in Taiwan based on the Wade-Giles transliteration of Mandarin Chinese. This spelling is used in many English language sources on China written before the widespread adoption of the pinyin transliteration system in the 1980s. For example, Deng Xiaoping was written "Teng Hsiao-p'ing."

However, Teng (滕, Téng) is also a different and much rarer Chinese surname derived from State of Teng (Imperial clan descendants) in the Western Zhou Dynasty. It is Tàhng in Cantonese and is usually Romanized as "Tang" in Hong Kong. It is Têng in Hokkien and Teochew.It is "ddàng"in Wenzhou.

Notable persons with the surname Teng[edit]

For notable persons surnamed Teng representing 鄧, for example Teresa Teng, see Deng (surname).

Persons surnamed Teng (滕) include:

  • Teng Biao (滕彪), Beijing-based human rights lawyer
  • Teng Haibin (滕海滨), gymnast from Beijing, China
  • Teng Huo-Tu, Taiwanese ichthyologist
  • Joyce Tang (滕麗名), Hong Kong celebrity
  • Lee C. Teng, Chinese-American Accelerator Physicist
  • Teng Xiu (滕脩), Wu minister during the Three Kingdoms period
  • Teng Yin (滕胤), Wu minister during the Three Kingdoms period
  • Empress Teng (滕皇后), empress of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms period of China

Other persons named Teng include:

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