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Dani in 2012.

Danièle Graule (Castres, 1 October 1944), known as Dani is a French actress and singer.[1]

In 1966 she was contracted to Pathé-Marconi and released her first single Garçon manqué. In 1968 Papa vient d'épouser la bonne sold a million copies and was a major hit.[2] Dani was meant to have been France's Eurovision Song Contest 1974 entry with the song "La Vie à 25 ans",[3] but President Georges Pompidou died in the week of the competition, so she never entered Eurovision properly.[4] Her only English language record release to date is "That Old Familiar Feeling", which has the same music as "La Vie à 25 ans" but with English lyrics by British singer-songwriter Lynsey de Paul.[5]

In cinema, she has played the script-girl Liliane in François Truffaut's Day for Night[6] and in the last Antoine Doinel-adventure Love on the Run a short-time-affair of Antoine, Christine's friend Liliane.



  • 1970 : Dani
  • 1977 : Les Migrateurs

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