Danish Folketing election, 1915

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Danish Folketing election, 1915
← 1913 7 May 1915 1918 →

All 114 seats to the Folketing
58 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  BerntsenK.jpg Stauning i1920-erne.jpg
Leader Klaus Berntsen Thorvald Stauning
Party Venstre Social Democrats
Last election 44 seats, 34.1% 32 seats, 29.6%
Seats won 43 32
Seat change Decrease1 Steady0

  Third party Fourth party
  Zahle.jpg Blank.png
Leader Carl Theodor Zahle  ?
Party Social Liberals Højre
Last election 31 seats, 18.6% 7 seats, 22.4%
Seats won 31 8
Seat change Steady0 Increase1

Prime Minister before election

Carl Theodor Zahle
Social Liberals

Elected Prime Minister

Carl Theodor Zahle
Social Liberals

The Danish Folketing election of 1915 was held on 7 May 1915. As required to change the Constitution, the government called for the dissolution of both the Folketing and the Landsting in order for the new Rigsdag to be able to introduce the new constitution. However, as this was during World War I, no campaigning took place,[1] and the election was settled without voting in 104 of 114 constituencies.[2] Therefore, it is impossible to give numbers for the actual support the respective parties received from the voters.

The corresponding Landsting election was held on 21 May.[3]


Party Leader Seats won Gain/Loss
Venstre 43 -1
Social Democratic Party 32 +0
Det Radikale Venstre 31 +0
Højre 8 +1
Total 114
Source [4]


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