David Baron (Messianic leader)

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David Baron
Born 1855
Died 1926
Occupation Co-founder of Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel, author, and public speaker.
Spouse(s) Fanny Baron (nee Kingsford)
Parent(s) Mordecai and Sarah Baron

David Baron (1855 – 1926) was a Jewish convert to Christianity.


Together with co-founder Charles Andrew Schönberger (1841 – 1924), they began the Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel missionary organization, in London, with the purpose of converting Jews to Hebrew Christianity. Schönberger founded a branch mission in Berlin in 1921. In addition to writing several books, Baron also contributed articles to the periodical The Scattered Nation. He was a leader in the Hebrew Christian movements of the Haskalah (Jewish Enlightenment) period in Europe.

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