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Deadly... is a strand of British wildlife documentary programming aimed principally at children and young people, which is broadcast on CBBC on BBC One and Two and on the CBBC Channel. It is presented by Steve Backshall, with Naomi Wilkinson as co-host on Live 'n Deadly, and Barney Harwood as co-host on Natural Born Hunters. The strand began with a single series known as Deadly 60, and has subsequently expanded into a number of spin-offs, re-edits and follow-up versions.

Deadly 60[edit]

Two series of the main programme have been produced as of 2011. Series one and two had 26 episodes and in total there were 52 episodes. Series 3 is being broadcast on CBBC every weekday at 7:45.

Each series sees Backshall and his camera crew (who are often themselves seen on screen) travelling the world in an attempt to find the 60 "most deadly" animals in the world. Each episode of the series features several animals and each sequence sees Backshall tracking the animal in its habitat, and giving details of what makes the animal notable, with particular emphasis on its impact on the wider ecosystem and the manner of its predatory behaviour; thus, why it is "deadly". With two series so far produced, 120 animals have to date been featured in the programme . When series 3 is over there will be 180 animals on the list.

Deadly 60 is distributed by BBC Worldwide to many other countries. Most prominently to the US on NatGeo Wild from August 2011.

Deadly 60 episodes[edit]

Series 1 (2009)[edit]

  1. South Africa 1 - The first episode looks at South Africa. Steve Backshall looks at hippopotamuses, meeting a very special hippo called Jessica before kayaking to look for more hippos. He gets trapped by two hippos in a river but his crew manages to save him. Next he goes to a reptile park to see rock pythons, black mambas and rinkhals and chooses one for his list (the black mamba). Next Steve looks for invertebrates such as baboon spiders and African rock scorpions. He then finds the fat-tailed scorpion and puts that on the Deadly 60. Featured animals: hippopotamus, rock python, black mamba, rinkhals, baboon spider, African rock scorpion, fat-tailed scorpion
  2. South Africa 2 - Steve continues exploring South Africa and goes to an animal sanctuary and looks at African fish eagles. One called Bonno which lives in captivity goes fishing for plastic fish. After Steve watches this he tries his own hand at fishing and massively fails. Steve puts the African fish eagle on the Deadly 60. As Steve starts leaving he picks up the local newspaper and reads about a girl getting attacked by a Nile crocodile in her swimming pool. Steve decides to look at them close up and see if they can make the Deadly 60. Next he sneaks up on impala, giraffe and wildebeest and tries to see if he can match their ability to stalk and catch prey but fails. He wants to see if the African hunting dogs are better. He goes in a plane searching for some dogs but doesn't find any. He puts them on the Deadly 60 anyway. Featured animals: African fish eagle, golden orb weaver, Nile crocodile, African hunting dog
  3. South Africa 3 - This is the last visit to South Africa of the season. Steve plans to look for great white sharks, and after a decision to head inland because of bad weather that would potentially frustrate his plans, and Steve goes inland and after walking with a honey badger called Buster he gets friendly with Buster and gets attacked (sort of), and after calling it fearless, puts it on the Deadly 60, then checks out a wildlife sanctuary where a meerkat bites him, a springbok runs at him with its horns extended out in front and then he meets a bat-eared fox, which he calls too cute to make the Deadly 60 and then he meets a caracal. He says these are great predators and after getting close to one and strokes it, being very careful as of his luck with the other animals, but the caracal attacks him anyway and Steve decides caracals deserve to be on the Deadly 60. Next he decides not to go out to look for sharks just yet, and looks at stingrays instead, close relatives of sharks. He feeds some off the coast of Cape Town, and explains that because they killed Steve Irwin, the last man who would want stingrays hated because of what happened to him, they won't be going on the Deadly 60, and instead after a while goes out on a boat looking for sharks. He goes shark-feeding with shark bait and sees one, but decides not to get wet with one. However, great white sharks manage to go on the Deadly 60. Featured animals: honey badger, meerkat, springbok, bat-eared fox, caracal, great white shark
  4. Australia - Steve goes to Western Australia to look for deadly animals. He starts on the outskirts of Perth and a local helps him search for tiger snakes. The local finds a large skink, but they have not found tiger snakes. They go to a local park and find eight tiger snakes. He then shows a reconstruction of a man dying of a tiger snake bite, Steve catches one. He says they are more venomous than cobras, but they look like cobras; they have a hood and are possibly very close to cobras. The tiger snake then is put on the Deadly 60. Next Steve goes out to sea to catch fish hunters and looks at Australian sea lions and pelicans, the latter going on the Deadly 60. Next Steve looks at bottlenose dolphins which have bigger brains than humans and Steve discovers they are good predators definitely going on the Deadly 60. Featured animals: skink, tiger snake, Australian sea lion, pelican, bottlenose dolphin
  5. Australia - Steve travels to Queensland, Australia and starts by flying over the suffer canes and then shows cane toads, but doesn't put them on the Deadly 60. Featured animals: cane toad, paralysis tick, spectacled flying fox, stinging nettle, catsnake, forest bearded dragon, lace monitor, redback spider
  6. Australia - This program focuses on South Australia. Featured animals: yellowfin tuna, duck-billed platypus, eastern grey kangaroo, funnel web spider, jack jumper ant, Australian giant cuttlefish
  7. Australia - The final program from Australia goes to the Northern Territory where Steve looks at nocturnals. Featured animals: saltwater crocodile, whistling kite, frilled lizard, ghost bat
  8. India - Steve goes to India to look for deadly animals. Featured animals: mugger crocodile, Russell's viper, king cobra, saw-scaled viper, sloth bear, langur monkey, praying mantis
  9. India - Steve uses this episode to continue his studies of India. Featured animals: gharial, Asian elephant, Bengal tiger
  10. Borneo 1 - Steve goes to Borneo, and to start looks for animals in the Gomantong Cave System. Featured animals: wrinkle-lipped bat, cockroach, scutigera centipede, reticulated python
  11. Borneo 2 - Steve goes to the Bornean sea and looks for deadly animals. Featured animals: crocodilefish, frogfish, lionfish, mantis shrimp, chevron barracuda
  12. United Kingdom 1 - Steve goes back home to the UK, and this time looks at the deadliest animals his home has to offer. First is a battle in Wales. Featured animals: gannet, sand lizard, common lizard, grass snake, slow worm, smooth snake, adder, giant hornet, goshawk
  13. United Kingdom 2 - This episode continues the search for deadly animals in the United Kingdom. Featured animals: common otter, great raft spider, peregrine falcon
  14. Alaska - Steve goes to Alaska to look at deadly animals. Featured animals: Arctic fox, wolverine, polar bear, bald eagle, salmon, brown bear
  15. Arizona - Steve heads to the Arizonan desert. Featured animals: owl, Harris hawk, black bear, mountain lion, Gila monster, tiger rattlesnake
  16. Louisiana - Steve goes to Louisiana's swamp and looks at many deadly animals. Featured animals: catfish, alligator gar, red soldier ant, cottonmouth, armadillo, American alligator, alligator snapping turtle
  17. Bahamas, Shark Special - Steve Backshall looks at sharks in a trip to the Bahamas. Featured animals: Caribbean reef shark, tiger shark, great hammerhead, lemon shark
  18. Brazil 1 - Steve goes to the Brazilian savannah to meet deadly contenders for his list. Featured animals: giant anteater, burrowing owl
  19. Brazil 2 - Steve goes to the Brazilian flooded forests to find the deadliest animals there. Featured animals: fer de lance, red-bellied piranha, giant candiru, pink river dolphin
  20. Brazil 3 - Steve finishes his journey by looking for the last two Deadly 60 animals. Featured animals: whip spider, Goliath birdeater, vampire bat, fresh water crab, poison dart frog, army ant
  21. Killers - Steve shows us the handful of Deadly 60 animals which would kill a human.
  22. Weapons - Steve looks at the animals on the Deadly 60 and their weapons.
  23. Unseen - Steve Backshall shows all the deadly animals he just didn't put on the Deadly 60.
  24. Behind the Scenes - Steve shows the viewers who tune in how his favourite animal encounters were made.
  25. The Making of South America and Alaska - Steve shows how the crew filmed the Brazil episodes and the Alaska episode.
  26. Endangered - Steve meets all the endangered Deadly 60 animals.

Series 2 (2010)[edit]

  1. Baja California, Mexico - Steve Backshall meets the deadly animals in Baja California, Mexico to start his new Deadly 60. Featured animals: Humboldt squid, tarantula, tarantula hawk wasp, rattlesnake
  2. British Columbia - Steve goes to British Columbia to see potentially deadly sea creatures. Featured animals: wolf eel, Pacific giant octopus, orca
  3. Vancouver - Steve Backshall visits Vancouver to see deadly creatures. Featured animals: Steller's sea lion, orca, skunk, raccoon, American black bear
  4. Costa Rica 1 - Steve shows the audience the deadliest animals in Costa Rica. Featured animals: fer de lance, American crocodile, jaguar, peccary
  5. Costa Rica 2 - Steve continues the studies of Costa Rica. Featured animals: boa constrictor, eyelash viper, bushmaster, poison dart frog, vampire bat
  6. Panama - Steve visits Panama on the search for the elusive harpy eagle. Featured animals: glossy racer snake, peccary, bullet ant, harpy eagle
  7. Mozambique - Steve visits the coast of Mozambique. Featured animals: zooplankton, whale shark, solifuge, marlin, crown-of-thorns starfish
  8. South Africa - Steve revisits South Africa to show deadly animals not shown last series of Deadly 60. Featured animals: blacktip reef shark, African honeybee, ragged tooth shark, dassie, black eagle
  9. Namibia 1 - Steve goes to Namibia's Namib desert and shows deadly Namibians. Featured animals: spoor spider, dune ant, shovel-snouted lizard, sidewinder, vulture
  10. Namibia 2 - Steve is on the search for Namibia's Big Cats. Featured animals: leopard, lion, porcupine, warthog, giraffe
  11. Madagascar - Steve visits Madagascar to view the Deadly Animals there. Featured animals: fossa, cicada, chameleon, leaf-tailed gecko, aye-aye
  12. Uganda - Here Steve shows people how deadly primates can be. Featured animals: gorilla, baboon, chimpanzee, giant earthworm
  13. Thailand - In Thailand Steve tries to find the Deadliest animals it has to offer. Featured animals: king cobra, clouded leopard, Tokay gecko
  14. Philippines 1 - Steve continues his adventure for the Deadly 60 in the Philippines. Featured animals: water monitor, tarantula, whip spider, pangolin, mangrove catsnake
  15. Philippines 2 - Steve continues his studies in the Philippines. Featured animals: thresher shark, yellow-bellied sea krait, tarsier
  16. Dogs and Wolves, Norway, UK and Romania - In this episode Steve focuses on dogs. Featured animals: Alaskan husky, rottweiler rescue dog, German shepherd police dog, grey wolf, brown bear, He also visits Norway.
  17. Norway - Steve goes to the frozen north of Norway to see what deadly animals there are in its polar region. Featured animals: Arctic fox, lemming, musk ox, lynx, roe deer
  18. United Kingdom (UK) - Steve sees what deadly animals his home land has to offer. Featured animals: pike, white-tailed sea eagle, crab spider, orb weaver
  19. Argentina - Steve travels to Argentina to see the deadly animals that live in its swamp lands. Featured animals: spectacled caiman, capybara, fox, yellow-bellied piranha, yellow anaconda
  20. Peru - Steve finishes his search in the wonders of the Amazon rainforest. Featured animals: giant otter, black caiman, yellow-tailed cribo
  21. Making Of (Special) - Steve and the gang show how the TV show was made.
  22. Tracks and Signs (Special) - Steve tells how we can track animals using tracks and signs.
  23. Inside Deadly 60 (Special) - Steve focuses on showing viewers how animals survive by looking under the skin.
  24. Unseen (Special) - Steve shows the animals he did not have time to show us. white lady spider, spoor spider (cameo), armored ground cricket, African hunting dog, millipede, scorpion, vervet monkey, tarsier, stork-billed kingfisher, shame-faced crab, velvet ant and Scolopendrium centipede
  25. Venom (Special) - Steve tells us about venom, how it works and how to cure it.
  26. Endangered (Special) - Steve shows the endangered deadly animals.

Series 3 (2012)[edit]

Aired every weekday morning 7:45 am and every weekday afternoon 4:30 pm (repeat of morning episode) every weekday for the week commencing 26 March 2012 (Monday – last school week).

  1. Indonesia: Steve takes the Deadly 60 team to Indonesia where they meet the Komodo dragon.
  2. Ethiopia: Steve travels to Ethiopia to find the gelada baboons however first he has an experience of a life time, feeding wild hyenas in a medieval city with a local man. The hyenas have become used to this feeding after hundreds of years. He then travels into the mountains to find the geladas but accidentally runs into the extremely rare Ethiopian wolf along the way.
  3. United Kingdom: Steve is on his home turf, scouring land, sea and air, for some of the deadliest critters that the UK has to offer. First, he heads for the seas off the coast of Plymouth, in search of monsters from the deep. And he's not disappointed! In the bowels of a wreck he comes face to face with a giant conger eel, one of the most feared predators in the ocean. Back on land he meets a double deadly killer, the dragonfly. As adults they are amazing aerial assassins, but they lead a double life. Finally, he takes a look at the kestrel, the world champion in hovering.
  4. Alaska
  5. South Africa 1
  6. Mexico 1
  7. Australia 1
  8. New Zealand
  9. South Africa 2
  10. Australia 2
  11. South America 1
  12. Nepal
  13. Mexico 2
  14. Venezuela
  15. South America 2
  16. Sri Lanka 1
  17. Sri Lanka 2
  18. Southern States
  19. Florida
  20. Unseen
  21. Killer Shots
  22. Parasites
  23. Super Powers
  24. Neighbours
  25. Self Defence
  26. Endangered

Spin-off series[edit]

Live 'n Deadly[edit]

Live 'n Deadly is a spin-off series to Deadly 60, with 10 live shows and 3 non-live Specials. This series is a live magazine program hosted by Steve Backshall and Naomi Wilkinson, which features a range of magazine content, features and games relating to animals and wildlife, and also uses its live broadcast to encourage interactivity with the viewing audience. The program was a touring series, with episodes filmed live on location from areas around the UK.

The first series of Live 'n Deadly aired on BBC Two (simulcast with CBBC Channel) on Saturday mornings at 9:00 am in between September and December 2010. In addition to the live Saturday show, a public roadshow event was also held the following day in the general area that the program had visited that week (though never in exactly the same location). These roadshows were run by BBC Learning and featured a number of hands-on wildlife-related activities for children and families, and footage from the roadshow events was broadcast the following Saturday as part of the following live programme.

Series 2 of Live 'n' Deadly is currently on air between September and December 2011.

Deadly 60 Bites[edit]

This is a series of short filler programmes consisting of individual animals' segments of Deadly 60 cut down into a 5- to 10-minute standalone segment; this is often used as a filler between programmes on the CBBC channel.

Deadly Art[edit]

In 2011 a spin-off show was broadcast called Deadly Art, which airs as a short filler programme on weekdays.

Deadly Art episodes[edit]

Series 3 aired May 2012.

Series 1:

Series 2:

Series 3:

Series 4:

Deadly Top 10s[edit]

The CBBC Channel has started airing 'Steve Backshall's Deadly Top 10s', which essentially is a clip show featuring a collection of material previously seen in Deadly 60.

Series 1 (2009)[edit]

1. Fastest:
10. Black mamba,
9. Star-nosed mole,
8. Mantis shrimp,
7. Dragonfly nymph Vs. dragonfly adult (Winner: dragonfly adult),
6. Chameleon,
5. Eyelash pit viper,
4. Tuna,
3. Peregrine falcon,
2. Cheetah,
1. Gannet.

2. Lethal Weapons:
10. African fish eagle,
9. Hippo Vs. elephant (winner: elephant),
8. Queen snake,
7. Aye-aye,
6. Bullet ant,
5. Sundew Vs. venus fly trap (winner: venus fly trap),
4. Great grey owl,
3. Reticulated python,
2. Grizzly bear,
1. Praying mantis

3. Killer Tactics:
10. Harris hawk,
9. African hunting dog,
8. Leaf-tailed gecko,
7. Death adder Vs. garter snake (winner: garter snake),
6. Chimpanzee,
5. Stoat,
4. Corolla spider Vs. gladiator spider (winner: gladiator spider),
3. Alligator snapping turtle,
2. Leopard,
1. Humpback whale

4. Toxic:
10. Fat-tailed scorpion,
9. Sydney funnel-web spider,
8. Sea kreat,
7. Skunk,
6. Cone shell,
5. Water monitor Vs. Komodo dragon (winner: Komodo dragon),
4. Paralysis tick,
3. Scutigera centipede Vs. giant centipede (winner: giant centipede),
2. King cobra,
1. Poison dart frog

5. Fiercest:
10. Tiger,
9. Polar bear,
8. Tiger shark,
7. Honey badger Vs. wolverine (winner: honey badger)
6. Humboldt squid,
5. Japanese hornet,
4. Leopard seal,
3. Lion,
2. Saltwater crocodile,
1. Great white shark

Series 2 (2010)[edit]

1. Defenders:
10. Goliath bird-Eating spider,
9. Adder,
8. Mountain gorilla,
7. Porcupine,
6. Moth butterfly caterpillar,
5. Cassowary,
4. Jack jumping ant,
3. Rhino Vs. buffalo (winner: buffalo),
2. Rinkhals spitting cobra,
1. Bombardier beetle

2. Super-Senses:
10. Giant anteater,
9. Pink river dolphin,
8. Raccoon Vs. yapok (winner: raccoon),
7. Duck billed platypus,
6. Vampire bat,
5. Sand-swimmer snake,
4. Bat eared fox Vs. brown long-eared bat (winner: bat eared fox),
3. Tarsier,
2. Nile crocodile,
1. Cuttlefish

3. Extreme:
10. Snow leopard,
9. Thorny devil,
8. Pitcher plant,
7. Lungfish,
6. Fungus gnat glow worm,
5. Arctic fox Vs. fennec fox (winner: Arctic fox),
4. Spoor spider,
3. Emperor penguin,
2. Sperm whale,
1. Wood frog

4. Mass Attacks:
10. Blacktip shark,
9. Blue footed booby,
8. Coati,
7. Spotted hyena,
6. Desert locust,
5. South American sociable spider Vs. black lace-weaver spider (winner: South American sociable spider),
4. Grey wolf,
3. Honey bee,
2. Bottlenose dolphin,
1. Army ant,

5. Airborne:
10. Pied kingfisher,
9. Robber fly
8. Draco lizard
7. Himalayan jumping spider
6. Magnificent frigatebird
5. Goshawk
4. Tarantula hawk wasp
3. Natterer's bat Vs. greater bulldog bat (winner: Natterer's bat),
2. Lammergeier
1. Kestrel

Deadly 60 on a Mission[edit]

In 2011, a compilation series called Deadly 60 on a Mission began airing on Sunday evenings on BBC One; this took the place of Horrible Histories with Stephen Fry in the BBC One schedule, and, like the Horrible Histories spinoff, was designed to utilise content from the associated CBBC programme in a family-aimed mid-evening slot. As with Deadly Top 10s, much of the material in this strand had previously appeared in the main Deadly 60 series.

Deadly 360[edit]

A studio-based format show mixing BBC natural history archive displayed in 'Minority Report' style, presented again by Steve Backshall. The show was broadcast on CBBC between September and December 2011.

Deadly 360 Episodes[edit]

Series 1[edit]

Series 2[edit]

Deadly Pole to Pole[edit]

In the series, Steve Backshall travels pole to pole through the Americas while looking for dangerous animals.

Backshall's Deadly Adventures[edit]

A series where Steve Backshall goes on deadly adventures.[1]

Natural Born Hunters[edit]

A series in which Steve Backshall and Barney Harwood narrate various clips (mostly from Deadly 60) about predators and how they hunt. This series could be considered a combination of the 'Deadly' series and the 'Barney's...' series

Deadly 60 Games[edit]

Several Deadly 60 Flash games have also been produced for CBBC. Deadly Dash (released September 2010) was one of the most popular games on the channel that year. Deadly Planet & Deadly Scramble were subsequently released in September 2012 to coincide with series 2 of Live 'n' Deadly.


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